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We are a One-Stop Outdoors Adventure Travel Operator based in Singapore and China, offering guided treks, supported cycling holidays and overland drives. From itineraries creation, initial clients engagement, trip planning, to the actual ground execution of the trip, it is all handled by our own staffs! We are licensed both in Singapore and China.

We specialize in organizing guided/customised outdoor adventures to western China SiChuan, YunNan, Tibet, and also selected countries like Nepal. Our tried-and-tested itineraries are reviewed annually by our team in SiChuan to ensure its relevance and safety. Our small and personalized itineraries enable us to give more individualized attention and we venture to the off-beaten roads to show you the beautiful sights. Our unique travel plans will show you a different side of China and Tibet and we work closely with our native counterparts to ensure you will have a memorable adventure.

We also Customize Itineraries according to your preference. In fact, most of trips are tailor-made to our clients. With more travelers knowing what they want these days, and the fact that we own all the trips ourselves (not just “buy and sell”), our team of professionals will listen, plan, advice and create an unique trip together with our clients based on their budget, time available and other preferences such as routes, types of accommodation, types of transport, choices of meals, sights to visit etc.
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Questions and Answers
From initial engagement, trip planning, to the actual ground operation of the trip, it will be handled by our own staff! We are licensed both in Singapore and China.

1. How long has the business been operating and how did it start?

The company is founded in December 2005, and it is a natural progression from the founder who is as passionate as his staff with the outdoors.

2. What is your company's mission?

We want to to bring outdoor adventures to the average city-dwellers. We strongly believe that outdoors is for everyone. By getting out there and soak with mother-nature, it opens one mind and heart. We want to change the mindset that outdoor adventures means hardship and is only for the fit and strong.

3. What does your company specialize in?

Customized outdoor adventures such as guided treks, overland drives, supported cycling holidays and climbing expeditions. Our key differentiators is that, we are not just an agent that "buy and sell" our products. We create and own all the trips ourselves, from program design, planning, and execution, it is all handled by our own staffs.

4. Who is the founder or owner of the company and briefly describe his/her past activities?

Our found and owner is Alvin Low. He lives in Singapore and shuttles between his 2 office in Singapore and SiChuan in China. He was working as an IT consultant for 8 years prior to jumping full time into his own company.

5. What is your most popular travel package and why?

There is no most popular travel packages. All our portfolios are unique and our clients chose the one most suitable for them at that moment. Many of them come back for other trips. We have several clients. that had joined us on more than 3 trips.

6. What is the best compliment you received from a client?

There are a few clients who came back to me to tell me that my trips changed their perspective of life and helped them overcome a crisis that they were going through at that time.

Reviews and Comments
No. Rating By / Subject

 1  Sheow Wei / Cycling/Tibet to Nepal
"A very memorable trip for me, especially since it broke multiple personal records. Overall, it was a wonderful journey through Tibet and I particularly enjoyed the changes in scenery and landscape. As for trip organization, I must thank Alvin and Apple for going out of their ways to make us feel comfortable and well taken care of. So all in all, I’ll definitely recommend a trip with you for those searching for an unconventional way to experience Tibet. It’s way more fun than just sitting in the ... view more vehicle (though it is a nice escape from the cold at times)."

 2  Choon Tieh / Trekking in Western SiChuan Minya Konka & LuGu Lake to YaDing
"The experience made me realize that I should not be limited by fear or my personal narrow definitions. It provided me the opportunity to discover more of myself, as well as find friendships in the midst of nature as we were bounded by common love for outdoors and adventure. I am definitely looking forward to the upcoming Minya Konka trek in October 2009."

 3  Seat Yee / Climbing Mount SiGuNiang 1 & 2
"If it wasn’t for Alvin’s encouragement, it would have impossible for me to climb Daguniang and Erguniang in September 2007. The most important thing was how Alvin took care of the whole team during the climb, and constantly encouraged us whenever we felt like giving up. He’s passionate about mountain trekking and loves China so much that he knows almost everything and what to prepare beforehand. It was a pleasant and memorable trip. I’m definitely waiting for my next climb with Alvin."

 4  Michael Chin / Overland, Trekking, Cycling & Climbing trips
"I have went for 4 adventure trips with them and left each expedition with fond memories, not easily replicated by other tours. His focus on safety did not undermine the challenges of the tour. I highly recommend them for those seeking the ultimate trail-blazing experience filled with beautiful and unique scenery."