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We are passionate about the work we do and are committed to the traditions and importance of the collecting of original fine art. As impressionist painters we believe the paint has as much to say about the scene as the subject matter. In a fast paced world, where permanence is increasingly being replaced with the temporary consumable, an original piece of fine art continues to reveal the beauty of the world around us and the personality of the artist who created it for generations to come. Original art breathes life into a room and transports the viewer to a specific time and place.

We create original paintings to show the viewer the beauty of the world around us and to keep an emotional connection with it. The saying " Stop and Smell the Roses" would be apropos to what we do.

Our teaching philosophy goes hand-in-hand with our painting philosophy. Along with sound painting principals, we teach each student to strive for an original and emotional connection with their subject matter, and to put a little piece of themselves into each work of art created.

We've been teaching workshops for more than a dozen years and have had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of wonderful students. Our instruction is unique in that the student works with two workshop instructors who enjoy sharing their knowledge. Our team approach presents more than one way of seeing and hearing the same idea which is invaluable to the learning experience. Every day is filled with demonstrations, individual guidance and a group critique.
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