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Built in 1997, our Retreat is located at Canggu Beach, in the quaint village of Canggu at the southwest coast of Bali. Known for its' smooth surf breaks, quiet surroundings and dreamlike scenery it is only 15 minutes away from the bustling chic downtown Seminyak. It is designed to bring back the romantic, forgotten tales of Java and Bali. Owned by an Indonesian arts aficionado the hotel is home of one of the largest original art and antiques collections in Southeast Asia.

Anhar Setjadibrata is know as Bali's most prominent collector of Fine Indonesian Art. The collection is the foundation of the concept of our Group. our Retreat reflects the local tradition of the island, its' cultural heritage and history which makes it unique and well worth seeing.

All 21 accommodations of M20775 are within steps from the private beach and have traditional thatched-roofs. The spacious suites are tucked in lush tropical gardens, facing the vast Indian Ocean. All ground floor suites(Dedari Suites) have a private plunge pool and open air bathrooms whereas the second floor suites (Rejang Suites) have ocean view and a private spa area. In total the property is built upon 1.6 ha with direct beach access.

One of the highlights of visiting M20775 is experiencing the red Puri Le Mayeur Villa, the heart of our Retreat. It is dedicated to the passionate love story between the Belgian painter Adrien-jean Le Mayeur de Merpres and his muse, the famous dancer Ni Polok. In the Villa several original paintings and furniture are exhibited and integrated into the architectural style of the building. The Puri Le Mayeur is built on a 700 m2 floating pontoon. It contains a large red-canopied living room, a spacious bedroom, a semi-outdoor bath, as well as a long balcony, a plunge pool and a private sundeck for two.

The Walter Spies Pavilion is just as historical as the Puri Le Mayeur: it contains original letters to the painters' family in Germany from the 1930s and other items such as Walter Spies' camera and some paintings are displayed as well. In comparison to the passionate Puri Le Mayeur, the artful Walter Spies Pavilion is romantically subtle, characterized by the Art Deco era of Central Java. Guests staying at this villa can see and feel the 'Old Bali' coming back to life. This Pavilion also includes a private plunge pool, an outdoor dining pavilion with garden and a beautiful outdoor bath.
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