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InfoHub supplier since Sep 2011!
Base of operations: Thailand
Sailing Charter Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar. M21070 have done sailing, diving charters in the area for 11 years. Owner and captain have been sailing since 1990, and been diving the last 7 years.Maiden trip for M21070 was a photo expedition going to Patagonia. The boat is built with 2 Dbl and 2 twin cabins for customers.
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Questions and Answers
Sailing charter with diving,snorkeling,kayaking and fishing in Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar

1. How long has the business been operating and how did it start?

Business has been operating for 11 years in South East Asia and before that 5 years in Red Sea.

2. What is your company's mission?

Check in on a charter as a customer and leave as a very good friend.

3. What does your company specialize in?

Sailing, diving,kayaking and exploring the islands. In Myanmar we are also doing a lot of bird watching.

4. Who is the founder or owner of the company and briefly describe his/her past activities?

Owner Goran Jonsson from Sweden, living in Thailand for 7 years. Profession before as Managing Director of a company in Sweden.

5. What is your most popular travel package and why?

The charters between Phuket and Langkawi (Malaysia)is the most popular because the very nice small islands in the south part of the archipelago of Thailand, great snorkeling and diving in amazingly clear water.

6. What is the best compliment you received from a client?

Many customers have sent Emails after explaining that the cruise was so mush more than they would have hoped for. Professional crew and very good food.

Vacation Packages offered by supplier M21070
One Week Sailing and Diving in Thailand and Malaysia 10% off.
Charter sailing Phuket to Langkawi or Myanmar with snorkeling and kayaking activities included, all diving equipment and compressor on board as option.

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EUR 1390 / Per person
Tour Package
Boating and Sailing
Duration: 5 - 21 days
Season: November - September

8 Day Sailing and Diving Cruise in Myanmar 10% off.
Exploring one of the few archipelagos in the world that is almost untouched. One of the best places to see amazing life both in the water and on the islands.

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EUR 1590 / Per person
Tour Package
Boating and Sailing
Island Vacation
Duration: 7 - 21 days
Season: November - April

Reviews and Comments
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 1  Michael / M21070 & Goran Jonsson
We liked the Thai chef (cook) View, who was nice, helpful, excellent cook. A bit disappointing was that during 15 day trip there was not a single fresh fish (easily obtainable from the local fishermen at very cheap price) and also fresh fruit/vegetable was rationed (1-2 morsel per person/day). Also the Myanmar guide (Hein) was very kind and helpful.

The boat is comfortable and its condition is more or less adequate to its age (30+ years). During all 5 days "All inclusive" vacation we run out ... view more of wine (4th day), Coke, Tonic water, Sprite, drinking (bottled) water (!!), water for cooking (!!!), so that the last day we could not make even coffe/tea for breakfast. The proposal said (among other things) "Cold beers, wine, soft drinks, tea, coffee and bottled water are available at all times."
There were quite a few other things which did not work the way they were confirmed beforehand by e-mails. The above points were a real surprise for us and nobody recalls a sailing vacation before running out of drinking water...

Other points promised (e.g. satelite phone, oxygen administration equipment, fishfinder) were not present. Radar did not work. We were a bit dissapointed that we were anchoring at great distances from the beaches (hundreds of meters, beyond swimming distance, at depths 10-25 meters) even at places where there was no problem to anchor closer to shore (there were three experienced and certified Yachtmasters Offshore in our party). But of course this is the sole responsibility of the skipper (Goran Jonsson).

 2  Kishore V Mariwala / Phang Nga Bay Phuket sailing one week
I had a wonderful time three years back- sailing on Stressbreaker all over the Phuket Bay! Wish I could do more of it!

 3  Reidar Lander / Phuket-Langkawi Sailing and much more
The most fantastic 10 day vacation I have had in a very long time, amazing islands, snorkeling and kayaking and on top of that fantastic food on board Stressbreaker.

 4  Jan Sorensen / 7 day sailing from Phuket
It was a fantastic trip. Thanks for your super service and a really nice sail. It is certainly not the last time we do it.

 5  Lars Liebscher / Sailing -Diving Phuket Rok Nok etc..
Dear Göran,
It is great to hear from you. We have already very much of your pictures that you've send last time :-) Right now Julian is about to set up an FTP-Server where we all can download all pictures. But since its over 5,5 GB it give Julian quite a headache to get this done.

I forwarded your email to my fathers account (and to the other crew members). They all have you and our trip in best memories. Hopefully that will not be the last time.
Right now we see here in germany the ... view more first snowy weekend which makes the "glühwein" (hot red wine) much more tasty when you meet up with friends at the Christmas markets. So its quite a strange situation for us, having still lots of memories of warm temprature Thailand and crystal clear waters to swim in, but now standing with frozen feed on a Christmas market booth and keep your selve warm with some alcoholic beverages. :-)

We spoke with my parents (Jörg and Inge) the other day, when they came back from there journey only last Tuesday and they couldn't stop to speak again and again about our joined trip on our last day to the island and back. You are the hero of my mother and my aunt, since they now can enjoy again sailing trips like yours, after years of not putting a foot on board. Thanks a lot!