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M21144 - an international tour operator that provides small group/private tours to South America. In August of 2000, Andre Kiwitz the current CEO, created his first tour to Ecuador with a group of 15 students from various European countries. In just 2 years time, M21144 offered 14 tours to Peru, having 8 of them being completely sold out. M21144 is currently one of the most reputable tour operators in Europe and is in the process of expanding internationally. M21144's tours focus on both local attractions with popular destinations along the way.
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Questions and Answers
M21144 South America tours are designed for travelers, by travelers, and are balanced to include a mix of destinations and activities both on and off the "tourist track".

1. How long has the business been operating and how did it start?

M21144 is a tour operator with over 10 years of experience designing and selling tours to beautiful South America. After having built this strong network of eight offices in South America, we asked ourselves: What now? We had kept our focus on quality, but could we maintain our standard of quality on another continent? We decided it would be better to concentrate on our passion and our expertise: South America. That's when we decided to offer our services in other languages. We placed the European sales office in Berlin, acting as both our legal and financial center for European sales. At the same time we began searching for passionate South American fans from various countries to help us offer our tours in their respective countries.

2. What is your company's mission?

Our mission is to provide tours in both a socially and environmentally responsible manner while allowing for extensive contact with the local population. To actively support the projects of our foundation, viSocial that you will visit during your trip.

3. What does your company specialize in?

Our company specializes in unique tours to beautiful South America.

4. Who is the founder or owner of the company and briefly describe his/her past activities?

After many years of preparation, André Kiwitz realized his dream of M21144 in September 2001. After leading the office in Arequipa for four years, he moved to Colombia in 2005. Now, his main responsibility is the marketing strategy of all of M21144's international brands. He supports the South American partner offices from the office in Medellin. He analyses each viTour to insure that they adhere to M21144's core values. In addition to this he is in charge of strategic decisions and the active support of the association viSocial inc.

5. What is your most popular travel package and why?

Our most popular package is Colombia Coast to Coast because the person gets to experience everything from jungles to beaches, cities, mountains, colonial history, and much more.

6. What is the best compliment you received from a client?

"My decision to travel to Colombia with M21144 was just perfect. M21144 offers not only a varied program, but also the best value for money!"

Reviews and Comments
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 1  Dr. Michaelis Ala / Classic Treasures of Colombia
I was just there for the first week - unfortunately. I was very grateful for Stefanie. She had me safely picked up on the first day in Bogota and on the last day on the return bus from Bogota. She was a really good tour guide, close to the participants, but also to the Colombians, very natural and not artificial. My highlights of the trip were the ride in Villa de Leyva and the night out at Zona Rosa in Bogota.

 2  Nicole Tesch / Classic Treasures of Colombia
There were no questions unanswered and so it was easy to detour from the planned trip for a short while. We were warmly received everywhere and experienced a lot in a short time. I particularly enjoyed the Coffee Finca and Villa de Leyva, each were unique in their own way. I recommend this tour to anyone wanting to travel to Colombia!

 3  Marlies Lanz / Classic Treasures of Colombia
Colombia is a great country with very friendly people. The itinerary lead us through all climate zones and provided an excellent insight into Colombia's diversity. Suggesting top highlights is difficult since the tour offers something new everyday. Personally, I enjoyed the coffee zone and the mud volcano near Cartagena. The hotels were clean and appropriately furnished and the staff was very attentive and friendly. Steffi is hereby thanked for her ever-patient and professional guidance she gave us during our trip.

 4  Monika Zinner / Classic Treasures of Colombia
The journey through Colombia was very nice and showed that the bad reputation of Colombia is totally unjustified. We felt safe and secure at all times. We saw beautiful landscapes with green tropical countrysides in all its facets. We met many interesting people that were extremely friendly, helpful and accommodating. From hiking, horseback riding, swimming, flying, bus journeys and Colombia-African food everything was great. This tour provides amazing insight and has been great fun and I'm already ... view more planning the next trip to Colombia!

 5  Antje Pehn / Ecuador & Galapagos
I’m going to enjoy the experiences of this journey for a long time. It was an intense and interesting time. I wouldn’t have expected such diversity hidden in such a small country.

 6  Stephan Pape / Ecuador & Galapagos
The tour was fantastic! I don’t want to underline one or several highlights because it was the variety that made this trip so special. The mix was just perfect. That way there was something for everybody. The nature, the guide, the group and especially the animals made this trip an unforgettable experience. Thanks to the whole team.

 7  Peter Jäger / Ecuador & Galapagos
I did enjoy the Ecuador Galapagos tours very much. It did involve a big variety of activities, but the horse riding and snorkelling on the Galapagos islands were the highlights for me. The good attention from our guide Javier has to be mentioned as well, as he was always happy and open to our questions.

 8  Jan Fischer / Ecuador & Galapagos
We discovered the country in such a short time - it was not possible to see more. The Galapagos Islands, the snow storm at Cotopaxi and many jungle experiences are going to stay in my memory.

 9  Anita Frank / Ecuador & Galapagos
It was a fantastic trip through a diverse country. We saw and experienced a lot, and there was always a reason to laugh. Thank you to everybody, who made this trip an unforgettable experience.

 10  Maureen Smith / Ecuador & Galapagos
The tour through Ecuador and Galapagos had many highlights because we saw such different areas. It’s not possible to compare them. The mountain range near Cotopaxi was one of them, with its amazing views and our walk up the mountain until 5000m. I was really surprised how relaxed the Giant Tortoises and Sea Iguanas were. The highlight was snorkeling with turtles and sharks. The organization was great all the time, before the trip or during the trip through our all knowing guide Javier. If I was to plan ... view more another trip to South America, it would be with you.

 11  Christoph Härle / Classic Peru Bolivia chile
The 24 days in South America were a really great experience. With our day and night totally committed travel guide (who knew the best restaurants and bars and did not get upset for too long when someone lost something;-)) we felt very comfortable. The program was tightly organized, but if one wants to see that much in such a short time, there is no other choice. The organization (transfers, accommodation, events) could not be topped. The hotels, except for Potosi (horrible beds) were always good. Simple, but ... view more clean. And most of the time one was on route anyways. My highlights were the 4-day-Inca trail (a challenge, but an unforgettable experience), the Death Road in La Paz and the Salt desert. Thank you very much Alejandro and the “rabbit group” for the great and unfortunately too short time!

 12  Claudia Tack / Classic Peru Bolivia chile
The tour was simply great – I would have liked to stay and travel more through South America. There were so many impressions that sometimes we were only able to get the events into the right order with the help of the group, photos and the travel diary. Highlights were the visit to Machu Picchu in a mystical morning mood (mist rising from the valley), Sand boarding and the salt desert in Bolivia. The support before and after the tour succeeded without problems and was well organized. All of our questions ... view more were immediately answered – there was always a contact person. Regarding the hotels I was positively surprised – I had been expecting less quality. Our guide cared a lot for us, we had lots of fun and laughed a lot. Too bad that we had to say goodbye to our guide before Santiago because we got into a farewell mood before the real farewell. Furthermore, there was nowhere to party in San Pedro de Atacama after 1 o’clock. My conclusion: it was a great tour that I can really recommend.

 13  Janine Ledwa / Classic Peru Bolivia Chile
I liked my first tour to South America very much. Everything went very well. We were able to collect wonderful impressions of different countries. My absolute highlights were Machu Picchu, the salt desert and the Mountain biking tour near La Paz. Of course, we experienced a lot more. I also liked the alternating program between city tours and excursions into the nature. I maybe would have liked to stay one more day in Santiago de Chile or Lima. The hostels were surprisingly very good and thanks to our guide ... view more Alejandro we were also spoiled with culinary delights. It was surely not my last visit in South America.

 14  Susan Seifert / Classic Peru Bolivia Chile
This tour was an unforgettable experience for me. It was great fun to experience this diverse tour together. The tour consisted of many highlights, sometimes I was overwhelmed by the beauty and peace of nature, at other times by the colorful life of the big cities. It would have been positive if we had had a longer stay in those big cities (Lima, Santiago de Chile). Alejandro cared very well for us, the tour course was very well organized, and he was always present and answered our many questions :-). A really ... view more great experience and lots of fun.

 15  Helmut Schlegel / Classic Peru Bolivia Chile
Basically I was very satisfied with the concept and delivery of the tour. The preparation before the tour was optimal. We have never experienced a tour like this and we have already done many tours of this kind. Our highlights were Machu Picchu (very atmospheric, impressive and overwhelming), Potosi with its silver mountain and the visit of the mine. Also, the salt lake (a real experience) was overwhelming, terrific journey from Chuvica through the Bolivian Volcano land with its borax lakes, the flamingos, ... view more vicuñas, lamas, the impressive mountain - and stone formations and the unique colour play of the landscape. A beautiful conclusion were the Inca ruins in San Pedro with its cave system (which strangely seemed to be unknown by the guide) and the unique landscape around San Pedro like the Valle de la Luna.

 16  Thomas Rudolph / Classic Peru Bolivia Chile
It was a great, diverse and well organized tour. I could go on vacation again right now. South America is great and the temperatures are a lot more comfortable than in Ireland. Highlights were the buggy tour and the city tours. The hotels were generally clean and adequate. The only thing I would change is the first hotel in Lima. It was too noisy, not clean, and did not cause a very good impression in the beginning of the tour. The travel guide was competent and spent his whole free time with the group. He ... view more recommended good restaurants and bars. The previous preparation was also very good and I have already recommended M21144.

 17  Nicole Polder / Classic Peru Bolivia Chile
The tour was very well organized and locally everything went well. My highlight was Machu Picchu. The accommodation was mainly simple, but in such a tour you have to be prepared for this. The rooms were always clean and there was hot running water. I liked the contact with the people, when we visited a school and when we spent a night with a family at Lake Titicaca. Our group harmonized very well, we had lots of fun!!!

 18  Florian Gaspar / Classic Peru Bolivia Chile
The preparation before the tour was very good, we did not feel alone and always got a quick answer to our questions. The tour in general was one big highlight; there was almost nothing that I did not like. Of course, visiting three countries in such a short time can get stressful at times, but our travel guide managed it well and cared very well for those with health problems. The accommodation was usually better than expected, only at the Lake Titicaca and in the salt desert it was not possible to take a ... view more shower, but that’s OK for a couple of days. All in all the booking with M21144 was worth it and when we plan a next trip to South America we would probably choose the same tour operator.

 19  Alexandra Fehr / Classic Treasures of Colombia
The trip with M21144 has given us many impressions of the beautiful nature and interesting culture of Colombia. It also was a great way to get in touch with friendly Colombians and to understand their mentality. Our expectations were fully met! Miguel has proven to be a very knowledgeable, dedicated and compassionate guide. The accommodations on our trip were, for the most part, chosen very carefully. Overall, we can recommend this tour to anyone who wants to have an experience to remember for the rest of ... view more their lives. However, it would be advisable, that all participants bring a degree of flexibility and endurance. The travel within Colombia can sometimes take much longer and require other routes than planned. Unfortunately, during our trip to the coffee-zone, we were delayed due to heavy rains and unexpected landslides.

 20  Dora Kaufmann / Classic Patagonia North to South
For many years I have wanted to visit Patagonia. The flight over the Patagonian plateau, and the arrival in San Carlos de Bariloche was a personal high point. Finally, this gorgeous landscape - to experience the emptiness of the Patagonian steppe and see how they abruptly blossom into fantastic mountain passes. So there was really no single highlight, because again and again I had new surprises and experiences. I felt comfortable in the well-selected accommodations which were run by competent and very nice ... view more locals. Our tour leader Fabian deserves kudos, because he managed not only unpredictable situations very well but he was a competent, warm, and compassionate companion for our group. As the oldest of the group (63) at the end of the first day of trekking through the Torres, I was pretty much on the ground and not happy with a not-so-great campsite (El Chileno). My tour guide (and the group) helped me so wonderfully to the next campsite (Cuernos) which was sunny and pleasant, and the result (much later) was a wonderful natural and social experience...I will travel again to Patagonia...there is so much to see.

 21  Ursula Kölbel / Classic Patagonia North to South
The hotel's Puerto Varas: nice staff, like almost everywhere. I enjoyed the food, hiking in Torres del Paine.. Also there was a time when I went off the trail and unfortunately no one missed me immediately and I had to climb a little (I wasn't in a climbing gym for four years for nothing) even so it was incomparably beautiful.

 22  Dietmar Voorwold / Classic Patagonia North to South
The trip was great! Fabian was a great companion also. There was lots of sun, stunning landscapes and natures creations. All the best, I have nothing to complain about. Here and there it went a little fast, but we, as a group, went through everything with joy. In short - was great fun and informative, all well organized and supervised. The time with the locals was a little too short, I just wish we had more time to spend with them.

 23  Michael Hoyer / Classic Patagonia North to South
Patagonia XXL - one eventful action packed holiday (South America in the fast lane), with many highlights - for us, above all, Perito Moreno Glacier (including mega-demolition in the Lago Argentino)-Trekking in Torres del Paine, volcano ascent of Villa Rica, the beautiful landscapes in Patagonia steppe (including solar wind and rain) and the vibrant Buenos Aires.

 24  Daniela Ritter / Classic Patagonia North to South
It is difficult to say which was my personal highlight of the trip. One highlight followed another. But I must say, my personal highlights were certainly the ascent of the Villarrica volcano, trekking in Torres del Paine National Park and the Perito Moreno Glacier. I was also fascinated by landscapes of the Patagonian steppe. Fabi took excellent care of us throughout the trip, he had great dedication and tireless energy. Everything was super organized, and he brought us closer to the country with his ... view more knowledge. You could feel his enthusiasm for the region. He's a great guide and is such a positive person. He contributed so much to this trip and made it an unforgettable experience. So I must give a big thank you to Fabi. The service was great before the trip. Katie was very helpful and she answered all my questions about the journey on the phone, shortly before departure. And I was happy to receive an email from her on my return. A heartfelt thank you to Kyla. This can truly be called "personalized service". Of course there is also a thank you to all of those who organized everything behind the scenes. The selected accommodations were nice, clean and in good condition. I definitely recommend this trip! I would also travel again with you back to South America at any time.

 25  Edelgard Gruber / Classic Treasures of Colombia
The active tour to Colombia really earned its classification. Highlights were a whirlwind: the visit of a social project in Bogotá, the colonial atmosphere in Villa de Leyva, Cartagena and Salento, from the jungle to the beaches of the Pacific, the successful search for small frogs, warming up after a heavy rain in the thermal baths, floating in the canopy over coffee plantations and bamboo groves and the cable car on the slopes of the big city of Medellin, horseback riding, the wax palm, walking and ... view more swimming, sunset at Café del Mar and much more.

 26  Kerstin Brix / Classic Peru Bolivia Chile
To name the highlights of the trip is almost impossible. Every day there was something new and exciting to discover; breathtaking scenery, fascinating people, impressive cultural attractions and plenty of nature. All accommodations were great, as well as preparation and advice we were given before the trip.

 27  Gudrun Riegel / Classic Treasures of Colombia
Colombia is a diverse and interesting country with lovely people. Highlights for me were the social project in Bogota and the wax palms in the coffee valley. The quality of accommodation was good (at least for South America :-) Regarding safety in the country, I felt a strong police and military presence throughout the country. All in all (again) a very eventful and successful trip!

 28  Astrid Haack / Classic Treasures of Colombia
It was an eventful trip and I arrived home with many happy memories. Medellin and Cartagena, as different as they are... both are impressive towns. I would have liked to get to know these two cities more but of course seeing everything in a short tour is not possible. Overall, it was a very balanced trip around the country with its innumerable facets. The advice provided by Ramona, our contact, before the tour was very helpful. She was able to answer all my questions and gave me valuable advice. All guides on ... view more site, provided us a feeling of confidence and feeling of always being cared for. Thank you Nicole, Sandrina, Amu, and of course Miguel. The accommodations were all typical of the country, from hotels with a swimming pool to a hammock near the beach. Thanks again to all who were involved in the drafting and implementation of the journey. It is certainly not the last time I will visit Colombia.

 29  Detlef Kröger / Classic Patagonia North to South
Excellent support by the tour guide Kathrin F., who always had an open ear to all of the participants and responded professionally. It was not always easy especially in difficult situations (strikes in Magellan). Highlights: Torres del Paine trekking, all the glaciers. Accommodation in South America was as expected and ok. Personal advice and consultation before the tour was great.

 30  Philip Baisch / Classic Treasures of Colombia
I thoroughly enjoyed Colombia. The country is definitely on the move up and now worth a trip. The route brought us close to the great diversity of the country. Our tour guide, Steffi, was a big part of it and she was so knowledgeable.
With our group we were very lucky: a thoroughly relaxed and fun atmosphere. The activities (biking, horseback riding, rafting, hiking) were a lot of fun.

 31  Silva Koch / Classic Patagonia North to South
Personal Highlight: Perito Moreno Glacier. Quality of Accommodations: The accommodations were cozy, neat, and clean. Guides and advice before the tour: the tour guide was always available to us for advice and practical help. He was very eager and attended to every request. The advice and organization before the tour was very good.

 32  Annika Schulte / Classic Peru Bolivia Chile
I really loved my trip. Thanks to the great organization, I was able to see so much in those three weeks. I had already been to Peru before and only had three weeks so I was very happy with my decision to travel with you. It would have just taken too long to organize a comparable trip by myself. The highlights of the trip for me were the Inka-Trail (even though it was only for a day) including Machu Picchu, the sand-boarding and dune buggy tour in the desert and the salt desert with its breathtaking sunset. ... view more The quality of the hotels was just fine, some better, some worse, but all in all, acceptable. It was good fun with Alejandro our guide and never boring. Even if he was moody at times which didn’t exactly improve the group’s mood. But he really came through when we had trouble with our luggage and, all in all, I felt well taken care of. Also during the trip preparation, Iris answered all my questions quickly and clearly. In retrospect I would have rather left out the trip to Chile. It was very exhausting to sleep in a different hotel almost every night and my time in Arequipa was very short (since I was in the Colca Valley). Altogether, I am satisfied with M21144 and would definitely recommend their services. This definitely wasn’t my last trip to South America.

 33  Michael Kaczorowski / Classic Patagonia North to South
When I think about the trip, it just puts me over the moon. One highlight was followed by the next. Whether it was Bariloche or hiking in Torres del Paine everything fell into place and the weather played an important part. If an opportunity arose where I could practice my Spanish, she found it. Sofia was so committed and for that she deserves the utmost praise.

 34  Frank Hornberger / Classic Treasures of Colombia
The Colombians are very friendly and charming. Also, I never had the feeling of insecurity for lack of security or danger.
The quality of the hotels was good and the service was very good - the tour guide, the bus drivers, local guides and staff from the hotels

 35  Christiane Schoen / Classic Peru Bolivia Chile
My journey was very interesting, we did a lot in three weeks. We traveled to different regions, saw a variety of landscapes and visited many destinations. Peru and Bolivia are both fascinating regions. The composition of the itinerary was perfect, and included a little bit of everything - Cities (Arequipa, Cusco and Sucre) - Adventure (with the Cessna over the Nazca lines, the rapid sand boarding slopes and mountain bike ride on the Death Road) - Ongoing (hike on the Inca Trail, climb Wayna Picchu, Jeep Tour ... view more through the salt desert) - History (the Inca culture, temples, churches and ruins) - People (overnight from the farmers at Lake Titicaca, insight into the viSozial projects) or just the variety of landscapes we passed through on the tour. Of course we also saw the dark side of the countries, the poverty of the population, their simple dwellings and the miners in Potosi. What particularly impressed me were the ruins of Machu Picchu and the ride through the vastness of the salt desert. We fell in love with the special charm of Sucre, and therefore extended our stay. Despite traveling during the rainy season we were very lucky with the weather and hardly ever got rained on.

 36  Sabine Deiters / Classic Patagonia North to South
BE AFRAID... Because you really do get your money's worth! Each highlight is better than the next: decent hotels, good food, great organization, a lot of fun and action, a tour guide that meets your every need, and is always happy. Everything is so great - and then you have to go back home. So yes, BE AFRAID!

 37  Irene Felber / Classic Treasures of Colombia
The tour provided me with so many great memories. The highlights were certainly the Salt Cathedral, the giant wax palms and Cartagena. The quality of the hotels...I was pleasantly surprised. Locally everything worked out fine (transfers, hotel reservations, activities, etc).

 38  Karina Zachow / Classic Treasures of Colombia
We were very pleased and impressed with the land, weather, the residents and their traditions. We did not know much about Colombia and we were very impressed with how they mixed modern and traditional lifestyles at the same time. The country strives to serve all residents. The little things about the country really touched us. E.g. Fruit sales from donkey carts, buying coffee from a vendor with a thermos on his back for a few pesos.
Colombia is poised on a precipice of change but their awareness helps them ... view more preserve and conserve their old colonial places. I was blown away by the beautiful landscapes and the effort it takes for our daily coffee. I will definitely appreciate it more now!! Steffi was our highlight and perfectly perfect. The hotels were adequate to very good. We would love to visit Colombia again.

 39  Sandra Heinrich / Classic Treasures of Colombia
I enjoyed the trip very much, even if "La Nina" was our constant companion (we got the most rainfall in 40 years).
Highlights for me were horse-riding, "Tejo" and "Sapo" game nights. The hike was more a "Tour de mud" but still fun. The hotels were, in comparison to other South American countries, from good to very good and with Steffi as our tour guide, we had so much fun.

 40  Roswitha Wick / Classic Treasures of Colombia
Unfortunately, we were not able to make it on all of the hikes due to the rain. I especially liked staying at the coffee finca. And, Cartagena was an absolutely beautiful city with a lot of charm. The hotels were usually fine. I always felt safe in Colombia. They took great care of me. Ramona informed us well in advance about any changes. Our host Steffi was good. She always tried to meet our needs. There was nothing negative to say about the local tour guides.

 41  Jeanette Schieler / Classic Treasures of Colombia
There were many highlights on this trip. And most of them will stay with me for a long time. The accommodations were between good and very good. The best? the accommodation on the coffee plantation with a swimming pool, massage facilities and so on. Steffi our tour guide was awesome. She was funny, well tempered, and had an answer to every question. It was great fun.

 42  Christiane Wettengel / Classic Treasures of Colombia
My trip to Colombia was my first trip with M21144 and I was very satisfied with the services of the company. I had many wonderful experiences that I will remember all my life. The tour organization was great, everything went as planned. Our guide Steffi helped us feel comfortable about traveling in Colombia and was always friendly without being overly intrusive. She was very caring for our interests and I greatly appreciated that. My favorite part of the tour had to do with my archaeological interest in the ... view more Gold Museum in Bogota. I can recommend the trip to anyone who wants to discover Colombia, and will appreciate traveling off the tourist paths. Colombia is an interesting country with very friendly people.

 43  Laura Confolant / Classic Peru Bolivia Chile
It was a beautiful trip! Our guide Nathalie was great, she had an answer for everything and was available for whatever we needed. The highlights for us were the Inca trail with magnificent Machu Picchu and the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.

 44  Bernd Potzschke / Classic Peru Bolivia Chile
Our trip was full of highlights, just as we had imagined. Our guide Fidel, did a great job of bridging the gap between our culture and that of the Peruvians. He really enabled us to connect with the land, inhabitants, and archaeological sites as well as giving us an up close look at the countries natural beauty. Peru is a country with a 5000-year-old culture and evidence of it can be found everywhere. There is so much more to see than just Machu Picchu, as many tourists believe. Machu Picchu was incredible but ... view more equally as impressive were the memorable experiences we had during the journey like the cultural connections we had. We would definitely go on this journey again.

 45  Ursula Schramm / Classic Peru Bolivia Chile
The most impressive highlight of the trip was of course Macchu Piccu, where the local guides provided us with an excellent tour of the ruins. It was interesting to learn about life on Lake Titicaca. The people were very welcoming, our accommodations with our host families were basic, but we had fun in their traditional clothes that they put on us. At Cola Canyon we saw 10 Condors ascending in the air, but we also felt the huge altitude difference. The dune buggy tour through the sand dunes was great fun. We ... view more will never forget our visit to the M21144 school and the children. During the tour we woke up early often and there were many long drives in our little bus (which is inevitable due to the distance), but we saw and learned a lot about the country and people from our guide Gonzalo. Kudos to him. He took very good care of us and we felt very comfortable with him as our guide. A very likeable young man, who had a solution for every problem, he always accompanied us, and taught us a lot about his country. The accommodations and breakfast were fine.

 46  Christina von Seckendorff / Classic Peru Bolivia Chile
Machu Picchu was definitely the highlight of the trip and the main reason I chose this trip, however the north with it’s rich cultural heritage also deserves recognition as one of the most impressive sights. The trip provided me with a very solid introduction to the country, its 5000-year-old culture, its nature and the current hardships it’s facing. There is no better guide than Fidel, he was great, and this was my first but definitely not my last trip with M21144!

 47  Melanie Zaugg / Classic Peru Bolivia Chile
This trip was an unforgettable adventure and an awesome experience. Breathtaking scenery, friendly and likeable fellow travelers, and our dedicated tour guide Roberto was great. There were expert local guides, tasty food and many wonderful adventures along the way. The best parts for me were the Colca Valley, the (small) Inca Trail, Cusco, the time with the farmers at Lake Titicaca and the jeep ride through the Salar de Uyuni to San Pedro. The hotels were basic but clean; nothing fancier was necessary with the ... view more exception of the hotel in La Paz, which was disappointing. You should keep in mind that the itinerary is quite tiring and free time can sometimes be scarce. The indicated driving times were often exceeded by one to two hours. M21144’s assistance before and after the trip was great and all my expectations were met. I would definitely take this trip again and can absolutely see myself, traveling with M21144 to other countries in South America.

 48  Lothar Grunert / Classic Patagonia North to South
This was our second trip with M21144. Before our trip, we read other travelers' feedback and thought "hmm...okay." The feedback seemed a little excessive at the time, but now we can only agree...the journey was simply fantastic! It was everything to us. The guide was fun-loving and had extensive travel experience. We liked that the trip's itinerary was very diverse and that we could explore restaurants on our own during times of leisure. The accommodations were simple, yet clean. Our ... view more recommendation for the hotel in Puerto Varas would be to get a room on the first floor. On the second floor, you will just be serenaded by the sound of the kitchen and only have a view of an alley.

 49  Lorri Megonigal / Colombia Coast to Coast tour
M21144 provided a good tour. I enjoyed the places we visited; the highlights being El Cantil Ecolodge, strolling El Poblado, Hotel Charlie, the lake district in Guatape above Medellin, horseback riding in Tayrona and the beautiful city of Cartagena. With the exception of El Cantil and Hotel Charlie, I was disappointed with the quality of the hotels - most notably the lack of hot water. This bit of information would have been nice to know ahead of time, if nothing else, to psyche myself up. The first hotel we ... view more stayed in was fine but the shower regulator was very difficult to use providing either cold or scalding hot water. Also, the hotel location was a bit too far and difficult to find with all the winding roads. With the exception of poorly booked flights from Nuqui to Medellin, I think the M21144 staff did a fabulous job. They were very informative, spoke excellent English, and were genuinely nice people. Matt knocked himself out in showing us the Caribbean coast. It was a real pleasure having him along, and our boys adored him!

*Note: Hotels for this tour have been upgraded to address the concerns of hot water and more convenient locations.

 50  Dominique Cluis / Peru Bolivia Chile
It was a journey that we had dreamed of for many years, and the dream actually came true. The trip had a succession of moments that brought diverse and different levels of intensity and emotion, such as the ones caused when seeing the sublime landscapes and amazing Inca sites.
Some highlights: Machu Picchu, of course, was really magical, but also the sites of Ollantaytambo and Saqsayhuaman, and the Salar de Uyuni and the Atacama desert. We thank our guide Ricardo who, despite his young age, is a great man. ... view more His kindness, professionalism, good humor, and love for his country and people, was shared with us, and helped create an unforgettable trip. We also thank all the M21144 team, who helped prepare this trip and manage the unexpected.

 51  Paul Celant / Classic Patagonia North to South
Very nice trip with spectacular scenery! I was really impressed by the glaciers and how well organized the entire trip was. I was well prepared by the M21144 team before my departure. Nicolas, my tour guide, was very helpful and provided great insight throughout the trip.

 52  Benedetto Nigito / Classic Peru Bolivia Chile
We enjoyed the whole trip. Cusco, Machu Picchu and the Salar de Uyuni, were the essential highlights. Good organization before departure. Our guide, Nathalie, was excellent and provided great points of view. We believe it was her knowledge and care that raised the level of the entire journey. M21144 would surely be missing an important element to their tours without working with these local guides.

 53  Jean Pierre Dugardin / Classic Peru Bolivia Chile
Exciting trip! Each day brought us many wonders and emotions: beautiful landscapes, amazing Inca sites, enriching meetings with locals that are always friendly, and of course the delicious local specialties. Several highlights, the major hits: Machu Picchu, death road mountain biking in Bolivia 63km and 3500m of altitude, visit to Cusco and Uyuni salt desert, the "Laguna" with its thousands of flamingos and the Atacama Desert in Chile. There was perfect organization both before and during travel. ... view more Everything went as planned. Small boutique hotels, comfortable haciendas including two nights in an apartment with a charming owner. Ricardo was an attentive and devoted companion during our trip.

 54  Dominique Dernier / Classic Treasures of Colombia
This tour allowed me to discover a wonderful country where people are quite charming, and has beautiful scenery. Problems with our accommodation were quickly corrected. Alexandra, our tour guide, assisted us very well. She showed initiative and greeted us every morning with a smile. We greatly appreciated it!

 55  Jean-Louis Bonnard / Classic Peru Bolivia Chile
The trip exceeded our expectations! We wanted to really know South America and on our trip we got to to know the people of the Andes, the remains of pre-Columbian civilizations, landscapes, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Lima, Cusco, La Paz, Santiago de Chile...Before we left, Benjamin answered all our questions. During the trip, the various guides' comments were invaluable. Ricardo was scout ready, smiling, patient, considerate, animated, and even cared for our group: the perfect guide.