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Having worked in the specialist travel market to Africa for nearly a decade, heading up one of the world's largest suppliers to Tanzania, Nick French decided to go it alone in 2010. Taking with him and extensive knowledge of the country as well as firm connections on the ground locally, this relatively new company has been making strong headway in what is an already saturated market.

The company prides itself on the most up to date and personal knowledge of all of the lodges and camps out in Tanzania as well as having a superb relationship with the owners and managers. This allows each of their itineraries to be personally tailored to the utmost degree while allowing the price to be the lowest possible.

The driving force for the company is the highest level of service with phones manned 24/7 in order to answer any questions or queries that may arise.
Questions and Answers
We try to provide the best service, the most up to date knowledge and the most competitive prices in the market.

1. How long has the business been operating and how did it start?

The business has been operating since 2010 and was started by Nick, our MD, after 8 years of heading up the East Africa section of one of the world's top suppliers to Tanzania. He saw that there was definitely room in the marketplace for a new supplier that gives exceptional service while keeping with the principles of recommending small and owner-run properties which is still the most important factor in any safari.

2. What is your company's mission?

The mission is to help Tanzania become a solid and sustainable tourism destination in the next 5 years. With the future of wildlife in Africa becoming more and more precarious, we believe that it is important that tour operators and ground handlers work more responsibly in trying to save this unique biosphere. Through our transparent pricing system and regular hotel and lodge checks the company only offers product that it truly believes holds these principles in mind.

3. What does your company specialize in?

Tanzania safari and, more recently, we have also expanded our portfolio to the countries of Chile and Argentina.

4. Who is the founder or owner of the company and briefly describe his/her past activities?

Nick French is the owner of the company and has worked in travel for over 10 years now. Having started his travels at a young age in South Africa, he had the wanderlust throughout his life and has traveled expensive throughout not just Africa but South America and South East Asia. Having headed up the East Africa section of one of the world's top Tanzania suppliers for approximately 6 years, he decided that it was time to branch out and see if there was room in the market for an operator that really upped the ante as far as service and local knowledge is concerned. Having being going for 2 years now in some of the world's hardest economic times, the answer appears to be yes.

5. What is your most popular travel package and why?

It is a bit of a tricky question to answer in all honesty as we get such a wide variety of requests and, as tailormade operators, we can handle any request at all. We have had itineraries that have been to see "kentrosaurus" remains in southern Tanzania, as well as American research students who have been in search of meteorite landings! On the whole, however, most of our clients will looks to spend anything up to a week on safari in either the northern parks of the Serengeti and Ngorongoro or the southern parks of the Selous and Ruaha, and then lie on a beach for a week in the idyllic Zanzibar.

6. What is the best compliment you received from a client?

When you tailor itineraries to the extent that we do, it becomes very important to really get to know what the client likes and dislikes etc. With this in mind, we do become quite good friends with many people that travel with us so, in short, i think that probably the best compliment we have received is to have been invited to the wedding of one of our honeymoon clients!

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