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Base of operations: USA
M21285 touring company offers custom lifestyle vacations for the active traveler. Distinctive biking, hiking, skiing and walking programs are offered, complemented by a focus on the food, wine, culture and history of the region. Daily adventures are designed to be educational, healthy, earth friendly, and fun. The intimate size of each group, ranging from 4-8 participants, allows for daily program customization based on participants’ fitness level, desired pacing and interests. We offer a few scheduled tours, as well as the opportunity to customize your own tour for groups of 4 or more.
Questions and Answers
Active (bike, ski, hike, walk) culinary tours in Italy

1. How long has the business been operating and how did it start?

Our business began in 2010, a recreational programmer with 15 years of experience offering active tours in Italy, joined forces with a chef and wine student to offer culinary programming along with fitness programming. The combination explores the best of Italy - biking/hiking/skiing, with world-class food and wine.

2. What is your company's mission?

To offer uniquely personalized active and culinary vacations, each designed around the fitness levels and interested of our valued guests.

3. What does your company specialize in?

Customization of our tour for our individual guests. Creating custom tours for small groups (4 -12 participants). We are the regional experts of Northeastern Italy, from Venice to the Dolomites.

4. Who is the founder or owner of the company and briefly describe his/her past activities?

The company founder Vernon McClure has led tours in Northeastern Italy for over 15 years. Vernon has lived in the area for over twenty years, creating and leading adventure tours and as an independent guide leading tours and performing staff training for several of the major multinational bike tour companies. Kathy Bechtel, founder of M21285 is a trained chef, WSET wine certification, a cooking instructor, food blogger, avid biker and PSIA certified ski instructor.

5. What is your most popular travel package and why?

Custom trips, as they are uniquely created to deliver the vacation of a lifetime for each group.

6. What is the best compliment you received from a client?

The combination of a unforgettable experience, personalized service, and the fact that the skills they learned on our trip - biking and cooking - will last them a lifetime.

Vacation Packages offered by supplier M21285
Custom Bike, Food and Wine Tour in Italy 10% off.
Customized cycling holidays for small groups. Bike routes for all cyclists, world class food and wine. Expert guides lead your tour.

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USD 5000 / Per person
Tour Package
Bicycle Touring
Food & Wine
Duration: 5 - 20 days
Season: March - October

Ski Holiday with Food and Wine, Italy 10% off.
Join us as we explore superb skiing in the majestic Dolomites, experience the unique culture of Sudtirol, and savor sensational regional cuisine and some of the best wines in Italy.

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USD 3995 / Per person
Tour Package
Skiing & Snowboarding
Food & Wine
Duration: 7 days
Season: January - April

Bike and Wine Holiday, Italy 10% off.
A unique cycling holiday touring the best wine regions in Italy, from the Dolomites to beautiful Lake Garda. Gorgeous landscapes, daily wine tastings, expert guides.

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USD 3995 / Per person
Tour Package
Bicycle Touring
Food & Wine
Duration: 8 - 10 days
Season: September - October

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 1  Susan Regis / Biking tours
" To see Italy - the real Italy - you must live like an Italian. With M21285 that is exactly what you get to do. Kathy and Vernon make the perfect pair with Vernon's insiders prowess of all things Italian and Kathy's quest for unknown wines and hidden artisanal treasures. From the first glass of prosecco on the terrace of the hotel overlooking olive groves, everything immediately feels different-pressures evaporate and adventure, challenges and enormous amounts of everyday culinary serendipity ... view more await.

I'll never forget our first day of cycling. After climbing more than a few rolling hills through several vineyards (wines we would later try) we wound our way down the ridge, fig and olive trees everywhere, to the town of Mossano. We stopped at a small trattoria for a late morning refueling, not your typical American version of sunflower seeds and gatorade, but freshly baked bread with prosciutto and prosecco. The local men were sitting, sipping, talking, and simply taking in the morning. I was exactly were I wanted to be.

The authentic Italy, whether cruising on a magnificent, locally made road bike, sitting in a cafe, or cooking up fresh squash blossom frito, is effortlessly available for the taking. M21285 supplies the framework for the trip of a lifetime, leaving just the right amount of time and space for the unexpected. To feel as though you are part of the Italian culture is a testament to the insightful precision of a thoughtful journey-because in the end, its all about the roads taken.
I loved my journey!"