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M21456 is a unique tour and private concierge service. Our passionate mission: To introduce you to the cuisine, lifestyle and local culture of our beloved New Brooklyn. We’re the sister business of Little Adventures in Hong Kong, the hugely successful luxury food walk company founded in Hong Kong in 2009. Brooklyn is in the middle of a renaissance, and our local chefs, creative new restaurants, and artisanal food have been driving this transformation. As long-time Brooklynites, we are thrilled by what’s happening here, and our goal is for M21456 to be a platform helping spread the word about our food and our walkable, liveable slice of urban heaven. Like the neighborhood businesses who’ve inspired our service, we’re committed to local, and that extends to our business model. In order not to disrupt the great vibes and atmosphere of our New Brooklyn (and to make sure you always feel like a local, not a tourist) our M21456 exploring and tasting walks will only accept a maximum of 6 persons in our tour groups. We look forward to meeting you in one of them…soon!
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