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Base of operations: China
M21542 is not just a professional institute specializes in Mandarin teaching. We are also a leading platform for Chinese culture training and cross culture networking and inter-personal skills coaching and a key provider of Mandarin professionals.
Our flagship institutions include “Mandarin Garden” and “Ruhong Academy”.
We are the only comprehensive and integrated educational group in China and we only focus on building a global franchise specializing in teaching Mandarin as a foreign language, facilitating cultural exchange and conducting Chinese culture related coaching, providing global Mandarin teacher training, international cross culture networking and inter-personal skills coaching and the export of bilingual Mandarin professionals all over the world.
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Vacation Packages offered by supplier M21542
Mandarin for Kids and Teens in Shanghai, China
Learn Mandarin in Shanghai summer camp, eat Shanghai food, feel Shanghai life and fly your mind.

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USD 2 / Per course
Vacation School
Season: July - September

Mandarin Language Courses in Shanghai, China
It is a platform for Chinese language and culture, communication, cross-cultural communication skills training and teacher training!

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USD 450 / Per course
Vacation School
Season: June - July

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