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InfoHub supplier since Oct 2016!
Base of operations: Russia
Tour Operator working on international market since 15 years with headquarter in Moscow. Specialized in individual tourism, both leisure and business, proposes exclusive packages dedicated to demanding Clients searching for unique holidays for destination or content. M21641 works with direct Clients and its network of the best Travel Agencies. Since 2014 M21641 proposes new itineraries in Siberia in location quite important by the naturalistic point of view. They are protected national parks and UNESCO heritage accessible only with special permissions and transportation facilities like rafting, ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) due to the extreme difficulty to move with traditional vehicles.
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Vacation Packages offered by supplier M21641
Tofalaria Natural Federal Reserve in Siberia - Southward
This Reserve has been closed to public since its establishing in 1971.

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EUR 7000 / Per person
Tour Package
National Parks
Duration: 12 days
Season: June - September

October Revolution
On our tour we will recall the Grand events of the early 20th century. No one can deny the enormous value of this event for Russian and world history.

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EUR 2300 / Per person
Tour Package
Cultural Journey
Museum Tours
Duration: 7 days
Season: January - December

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 1  Stefano Brambilla / Magic Tofalaria
Been with them in Tofalaria in 2016. One of the best trip in my life. If you look for: silence; pristine contact with nature; out of the world feeling; adventure but not much effort; amazing landscapes; no tourist around; no people around!; an experience different from every one else; drinking from a mountain lake; sauna before sleeping; bears tracks; eating, living, doing like the locals - this is the trip for you. Go there now, before the world discover it.

 2  Gigi Donelli / Tofalaria
Perfect in my mind is just the dream of the next adventure. But our Tofalaria experience was more than simply good: as in a time machine I felt the touch of nature like only Sahara or Tibet did previously to me. Power of Nature is something you cannot easily describe. Is not a vacation flag you point on your personal "visited places" map. Power of Siberia touches you deep inside. Places and people over there are running on the real rythm of nature: the phone simply silent; sun and night stars to tell ... view more you what to do and when, good companions to guide on a - litterally - unexplored land. After all this the question is: "when will I have some more?".