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My name is Giorgos Vadivoulis and I organize hiking tours, as well as being the tour guide, in the island of Kythnos, in Greece.

Kythnos island is located in the Aegean sea, only three (or even one and a half) hours away from Athens by boat. It is a pure island of great beauty, stunning views to the wide blue sea, picturesque little villages and trails that can fulfil all kinds of needs and preferences in hiking routes.

My family owns a guest house business and we also organise hiking group tours and cultural activities. Every year we host visitors from all around the world and we get very busy during the summer period, which lasts from March to October.

I know Kythnos like the back of my hand and I was the first to organise hiking tours in the island. The reactions were very enthusiastic! Since then, I have been working with greek hiking clubs for 3 years and for another one as a tour operator with a foreign travel agency.
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