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We have over ten years experience as a volunteer tour guides before starting M05027 for Friends of Recreation and Parks, City Guides, the National Park Service and the Marine Mammal Center. Have written cookbook in the process of publication. Featured in USA Today, Las Vegas Magazine, San Francisco Downtown and the BBC Food Channel.

Unique tours, where you’ll be amazed by everything that’s included at such an affordable price; where there are never additional costs. And just when you think nothing more could be included, you’ll be surprised by another new craft or treat that is part of the tour. Experience a city of wonder and magic. A place with amazing hidden views, fascinating architecture, remarkable cultures and food unparalleled anywhere in the world.

M05027 is a group of passionate, professional, and certified guides who have been leading adventures in San Francisco for some time. We live here; we can’t imagine living anywhere else. We love the City and want you to experience its magic.
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