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Sarah Ferguson Brown, an art historian, and Michael Brown, a wine and food specialist, are well equipped to help their guests discover the markets, culture, history, food and wine of their region.

Sarah is a Medievalist by profession. She obtained her PhD from Columbia University, lectured extensively at the Cloisters Museum in New York and taught at Cooper Union, Wakeforest and Syracuse University. She spent much of her childhood in Paris and Provence and began cooking at the age of 8 when it was still possible to learn many old fashioned Proven├žal cooking techniques that are now, for the most part, lost.

Michael Brown, who spent thirteen of his first twenty one years abroad, has always been a food and wine enthusiast. He represented a variety of food as a lobbyist and trade association executive in Washington D.C. He has been in the wine business since 1989 exporting French and Moroccan wines to the United States.

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