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Voted Best French Language School since 2012 by the students and agencies, accredited French Quality Label of the Ministry of Education for our services and courses: general French, discovery and culture programs, Studies preparation courses, French and professional specialty courses, DELF DALF exam preparation, activities and excursions.

M05126 welcomes more than 2000 students per year from 70 different countries for a duration of 1 week to several months for those 16 years and older, regardless of the level of French. The school is located in the heart of Montpellier on the famous Place de la Comédie and our team offers an individualized follow up before and during your stay.
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Questions and Answers
Accent welcomes students of all ages and levels and offer all year round French language courses for foreigners. We offer personalized and high quality service in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

1. How long has the business been operating and how did it start?

January 1998.

2. What is your company's mission?

We try to constantly adapt to our public's needs, people tend to want more than just a language course, they want an experience, they want an immersion, they want something special, a "plus" for their holiday in France, a "plus" on their CV, a "plus" in their curriculum. Accent Francais makes sure students return home with a "plus" in their memory! It is very important to us to suit students needs, to anticipate and imagine what students may want to have next, to offer a tailor-made product, corresponding to new needs, trends. Innovation and dynamism are a key component for us, implementing new special programs does give the school some extra visibility in such a competitive market, and keep it interesting and fun for students and teachers.

3. What does your company specialize in?

French language courses for foreigners.

4. Who is the founder or owner of the company and briefly describe his/her past activities?

The school has 2 co -founders, Virginie and Florence. They came from completely different backgrounds. Virginie was passionate about foreign languages, she studied Japanese at university and ended up teaching French in Japan. That's how she discovered her passion for teaching French to foreigners. Florence had a degree in teaching French language and several experiences in animation for young students in France. They met 15 years ago and put their skills in common in order to promote not only the French language but also to communicate their passion for Montpellier and to attract more tourists in this beautiful and dynamic part of France!

5. What is your most popular travel package and why?

French + Cooking lessons and also Holiday Course because it is an all included package offering activities and excursions everyday.

6. What is the best compliment you received from a client?

The best compliment we receive is when student is coming back which happens a lot at M05126 and when they found everything perfect: Kerena 60 years old, Sept 2011 This is a really special school. You are looked after from your first email in a friendly, professional way. Montpellier is the most wonderful town in a fascinating part of France with a climate to die for! The pain is completely taken out of language learning and you enter a world that is terribly hard to leave.

Reviews and Comments
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 1  Amy / The greatest experience of my life
I've chosen M05126 in Montpellier to learn French in France and I absolutely recommend it to anyone!!
The city is always busy, very student-oriented, the beach is a few minutes away from Montpellier city centre and the weather's always great!! (unlike Paris).
The courses were fantastic. I learnt a lot and I feel I speak much better now. The teachers were really good, and ready to help anytime.
The staff at reception are very helpful, always smily, and it's a pleasure to talk to them!

 2  Valentina / The experience in Montpellier was amazing!!
My experience in Montpellier was really amazing and definitely above expectations! The school is located in the city center and is well organized. Before arriving there I took a french test in order to establish my french level. Once I got there I had a brief oral interview to confirm the level. This allowed the teachers to divide the students into a lots of levels (from A1 to C2, with intermediate levels as well). My class was wonderful. It was so nice to get in touch with people from all over the world and ... view more we still are in touch. Moreover I was the only italian person in the class so it was easier for me to practice only french. The student residence that I chose (L'observatoire) was in the city center, 3 minutes from the school by foot. The room was very basic but it was a single room with a kitchen and a private bathroom, so everything that is essential to stay there. Then, what else, the city is amazing! It is small but very clean and beautiful and there are lots of students all around, then there are some nice beaches that can be reached with the tram/bus not so far (30 min to 1 hour).

 3  Ozan / I had my best summer ever. I really liked the city, the school and hanging out w
The teachers were really helpful. I had the chance to improve my French speaking abilities a lot. The classes weren't crowded so that the teachers could be really interested in students' progress. Besides, we visited different cities every week, so it's obvious that this school provides a big variety of activities that are enjoyable and educational. Although where I lived was a bit far from school, I’d absolutely stay with the same family if I had the chance to go there again. On the other ... view more hand, I had classes at 4 pm every weekday so I couldn't benefit much neither from the sun nor the beach in Montpellier.

 4  Daria / Montpellier - voyage!
So, actually I really enjoyed this amazing trip. It was a really great experience for my language. The school is situated not so far from my host family house. What's more, my host family (Lisette Breton-Noussi) was really friendly and she tried to help me with everything. The system of planning classes wasn't comfortable, so that's the main problem, but the teachers and the quality of program as far as language, cultural, social were concerned were super! Especially having excursions with ... view more Jean-Paul - he's crazy and funny. And the price was cool and of course Montpellier - one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Thanks for this great experience. Hope to go there one more time!

 5  Andre / M05126 school
I was lucky to be in a very small group of students (3-4). I'm not sure how common that is, but generally speaking, classes seem to be pretty small. I really liked the teachers, too.Insider tips about what future students should not missMontpellier is very nice and walkable and many restaurants are out of this world good. One thing everyone should be aware of is that parking is an absolute, complete and awful nightmare. On the other hand, you want a car to explore (l'espiguette, pic st loup, ... view more cevennes, sete, etcetcetc).Other commentsOverall, I liked it so much that I came back for another two weeks. Highly recommended.

 6  Tim / M05126 School
I have studied French at M05126 a number of times. The teachers are very helpful and skilled at teaching French. The administrative staff ensure that any questions or problems with are dealt with quickly. I would strongly recommend this school.

 7  Masamichi / Perfect stay at M05126!
Accent Francais definitely gives you the opportunity to learn french in a homelike atmosphere. Teachers are nice to foreign students and not only help students studying french but give you some advice in living Montpellier. You can make a lot of friends from many countries! Have a good time learing french and communicating with various people at Accent Francais!

 8  Vicky F / I recommend this program for anyone !!
I recommend this program for anyone. I was in C1 level classes, and I had excellent instructors and very motivated fellow students. I really enjoyed the fact that my fellow students stuck to French as much as possible when we went out to lunch and coffee, even though everyone understood English. We all wanted to make the most of our time in France, and this created a great learning environment. The homework assignments were very useful, and I saw a definite improvement in my French linguistic skills. By the ... view more end of my 2 weeks, the French people I interacted with in stores, restaurants, cafés-none of them reverted to English to communicate with me, which told me that I had definitely profited from the program, both the classes, the independent studying, as well as the interactions with my host family. I will definitely study with M05126 again if I have the opportunity.

 9  Nadja I / I really enjoyed this trip !!
It was the first language school I went to, and I can say that my french has really improved. The first day, I couldn't even talk to my host family...But all changed after my first lessons. I really recommend M05126, I got to know so many great people there and truly benefited from my stay. Apart from that Montpellier is a very nice and beautiful city and very good for shopping.

 10  Kerena M / This is a really special school !!
You are looked after from your first email in a friendly, professional way. Montpellier is the most wonderful town in a fascinating part of France with a climate to die for! The pain is completely taken out of language learning and you helped enter a world that is terribly hard to leave.

 11  Takuma Tateishi / M05126 is the way to go
It was an absolutely great environment to study french here. The teachers are very kind and eager to help students out. The M05126 team is very well organized. You can ask anything to anyone who works there it was a very warm atmosphere. Montpellier is very international and the climate is very comfortable. If you want to study and master french, M05126 is the way to go.

 12  Natalie H / just do it !!!
I have spent a truely fantastic three months at M05126. I learnt so much, made some great friends and really made the most of my time in France and in Montpellier. The lessons at M05126 were great, really informative and the teachers were awesome. The social activities were well organised and really gave me the chance to discover the region. I highly reccommend M05126 to anyone who is thinking about learning the language, dont hesitate, just do it!

 13  Eda A / I did it !!!
I had standard French courses at M05126 for 6 months. I was having classes in the mornings and in the afternoons, I was participating at school's activity program which was very fun. During my stay in Montpellier, I have improved my French a lot and I met very nice people from different countries. This is all thanks to M05126. Dynamic team of teachers and serious education made it all even better. I highly recommend M05126 to people who wants to learn efficiently French in the South of France.