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At Insted in Chamonix, France, we want there to be more to learning French than sitting in a classroom conjugating verbs. We believe in the total experience which is why Insted was started in the first place. Not only do we want our student’s to be immersed in the French culture and every day living for the benefit of their language studies, but we want them to have the opportunity to indulge in their favorite alpine sports and activities.

Many people refer to this lifestyle as ‘living the dream’, and we totally agree. For those more interested in the beach lifestyle, we have expanded on our original ‘ski & study’ concept to include ‘surf & study’ by teaming up with top language schools in Biarritz, San Sebastian and Tennerife.

The choice is yours, live the dream. Ski, Surf & Study!

We offer a range of French and Spanish language courses, for all levels. Select from semester programmes or shorter periods.
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 1  Snowflake / M05140
I have studied 15 weeks in Chamonix 2008 with Insted, and I loved it! The lessons were interesting and the teachers very good. I learnt lots of French as the lessons were very interesting and varying. The program is intensive, but I still had time to spend many mornings or afternoons snowboarding in the mountains.

Chamonix is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. There are many different areas were you can ski that I never got tired during my stay. I would recommend anyone to spend a ... view more winter in Chamonix learning French at insted.

 2  Ben B / Studying French with INSTED
During my junior year of college, I decided to spend a semester in France skiing and studying French language. I saw that a Swedish program named INSTED ran a language school in the famous ski resort town of Chamonix, and I enrolled for a semester.

My experiences have been mixed. Chamonix is fantastic; it's a great place to ski and live. INSTED, however, turned out to be a shoestring/storefront operation. Although it claims to be associated with a French university, its headquarters are in ... view more Sweden and it is run out of a small storefront in Chamonix. On its website, INSTED promises that classes are tailored to the student's ability level and limited to 20 students. During the time I was there, the classes were frequently larger. I liked my professor and the other students, many of whom were Swedish, but the class was too slow for my level. I took high school French and am by no means fluent, but the class was aimed much more at beginners. All the students were divided into two groups and mine was supposed to be more advanced. So the educational part was not so good for me.

INSTED also provides accommodations, apartments for the semester. I chose a shared apartment with a private bedroom. When I got to me apartment, though, I found a shared bedroom with someone already in it. It has turned out fine to share the bedroom but my parents paid over 1000 euros extra for it. When they asked INSTED for a refund, INSTED refused. So I don't know about trusting the program with your money.

I'd definitely recommend spending a semester skiing the Alps, and I'd definitely recommend Chamonix. INSTED, however, didn't keep its promises.