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M05141 was founded in 2004 by Wouter Stut and Craig Allan. Both were studying Spanish at the time in Guadalajara and were not really satisfied with the service they got. They got together in small room making the plans for starting a school. This all worked out fine at the school has currently around 60 students daily walking in and taking their Spanish or English lessons.

More and more people across the world are taking advantage of a break from work or study to learn Spanish and immerse them in the rich culture of Mexico. M05141 offers you the opportunity of flexible Spanish language study programs together with the chance to live with a traditional family in Mexico.
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 1  Anne Tobey / Two weeks Spanish Intensive Course M05141
I feel like I really learned a lot in two weeks. I liked the activities that were set up by the school; trip to Teuchitlán, Conversation Club on Saturday nights, playing pool. Craig and Wouter are good people. I had a great time, even though I was by myself and I'm really glad I came.

 2  Ginger Somers / 2 weeks Intensive Course with homestay at M05141
The classes I attended were exceptional. The teachers were more than exceptional. They made the class fun and we had interaction exercises. I have not been in school in years and had no trouble in this immersion program. I would recommend it. I will be back next year.

 3  Don Garcia / 1 week Intensive Course with Home stay with M05141
The staff were great. They made efforts to discover my needs and deficiencies, then approach those areas. They also kept the curriculum and pace moving forward to ensure all areas were covered.