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Big Game (European Bison, Moose, Red Deer, Wild Boar, Roe Deer, Wolf, etc.) and Small Game (Capercaillie, Black Grouse, Partridge, Woodcock, Duck, Goose, etc.) in Belarus (Bielorussia)

Grosse Jagd (Wisent, Elch, Hirsch, Wildschwein, Reh, Wolf, usw.) und Kleine Jagd (Auerhuhn, Birkhuhn, Rebhuhn, Waldschnepfe, Ente, Gans, usw.) in Belarus (Weißrussland)

Caza Mayor (Bisonte Europeo, Alce, Venado (Ciervo), Jabalí, Corzo, Lobo, etc.) y Caza Menor (Urogallo, Gallo Lira, Perdiz, Becada, Pato, Ganso, etc.)

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