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Mamma Agata’s has a natural talent for cooking in fact when she was only 8 years she already cooked for her 8 brother and sisters. The cooking career of Mamma Agata started at the young age of thirteen. She went to work in order to help her family and was employed in the kitchen of a wealthy American lady who owned a summer villa in Ravello, overlooking the Amalfi Coast.

Mamma Agata’s first experience in the kitchen proved her to be a natural, and in just a few months the meals shifted from American food to the regional specialties of the Amalfi. They called her “Baby Agata” since she was so young but dedicated to her craft.

"Mamma Agata" has been the chef for many major Hollywood actors and actress, Humphrey Bogart, Anita Eckberg, Richard Burton, Lyz Taylor, Fred Astaire, Charles Cubbon, Van Efflin, Federico Fellini (big pasta e fagioli eater ), Jaqueline Kennedy ( 1962 in Ravello ), Marcello Mastroianni, and for important international journalists, writers, politicians such as Susanna Agnelli.

We also organize private, exclusive dinner for just two people or max 16 people, for wedding anniversary, birthdays, special occasions; Wine tasting with the sommelier Gennaro; Small wedding or meeting for max 16 people.

Her cooking course takes place in her private home, situated on a clifftop, 1000 feet above the sea level, a very gracious home that majestically overlooks the Amalfi Coastline. She produces nearly all the food that she cooks!

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