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M05226 starts on every Monday, every level, throughout the year with a maximum of 8 students per class: can also provide accommodation from a two weeks course, the student can combine it between our two schools (Granada and Almunecar- Costa Tropical). With CEELE, accredited teaching centers by Instituto Cervantes.

Almuñécar is a small town located in the Granadan part of the Costa del Sol – the Costa Tropical – 75 kilometers from Granada and 76 from Málaga, two towns with good communication networks. Its economy is based on agriculture, fishing and tourism. Historically speaking, it has been home to Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs until the arrival of Christians.

There are still traces of these cultures in the town, the most representative being El Castillo de San Miguel (San Miguel Castle), a fortress used by the Arabs in their time, and the ancient Acueducto Romano (Roman Aqueduct), still in use. A visit to the Museo Arqueológico de Almuñécar is one way of tracing the history of Spain.

Almuñécar also has several miles of beach, which attracts many tourists. It has a hotel/hostel network in accordance with its size, with a large variety of services of all types, allowing a pleasant stay and moderate prices, when you consider that this area welcomes mainly Spanish visitors.

To sum it all up, Almuñécar is a mosaic of elements of history and modernity, leisure time and culture, giving a typically Spanish character to the town. When it comes to the weather, Almuñécar is located in the Tropic of Europe. Its geographical location and its good weather (average temperatures of 29º C in summer and 18º C in winter) serve to illustrate this fact. The Tropical Valley surrounds the town and in it can be found plantations of custard apples, avocados, mangos and babaco, all of which can only be produced in this area of Spain.
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