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M05390 is a variety of programs created by Simonetta and Paola with help of “papà” Luigi, family and friends. With a father from Apulia, south of Italy, and a mother from Verona, North, relatives all over Italy, years lived in different towns in Italy, what else could we consider ourselves if not Italian. We cannot say we are from North, from South: we are Italians. After moving from one town to another, our family discovered Tuscany with its artistic town, hilly countryside, the wines and white cannelloni beans, but especially the people: we fell in love with all of this. We have lived here for more than 30 years, working for almost 20 years in our school of Italian language in Florence we have noticed that many foreigners coming to Italy miss true contact with the people, with the real life. What we would like to offer is the possibility of entering real houses. So M05390 is Tuscany seen with different eyes, the eyes of Italians leading you in this discovery.

Teachers Simonetta and Paola have great experience in both teaching Italian Language and Italian cooking. They started a school of Italian Language and Culture in Florence in 1986, then in 1990 they opened the doors of their Chianti house to food lovers with cooking classes. In 2002 they closed the school in Florence to have more time to dedicate to a better style of life and now their main office door opens directly on Chianti vineyards and olive trees garden. They directly answers email to better organize programs, give lessons and write articles about Italy for Italian and International magazines.

During these years their experience and knowledge about Italy has been recognized by the Italian Ministry of Culture inviting them to prepare teachers, by articles in foreign magazines in U.S.A, Australia, UK, Japan , Brazil, Sweden and Israel. They appeared also in British TV programs. They have welcomed guests from different countries, chefs-amateurs and professional, lovers of Italy, people very good in Italian language or beginners at the first approach with Italy.

Now they are also well known for their classes for families, based on a family first hand experience with kids in the kitchen. They are in Association of teachers of Italian as a second Language but also in Slow Food, for them symbol of a belief in good food but especially in a high quality way of living.

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