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Our company was established in 2001 with the main objective of teaching Spanish as a foreign language with a new approach to the culture and the dialect of Spain. Our Philosophy is based upon the idea that through intensive contact with our students we (strive to) understand their needs and, in return provide a creative, supportive and educational environment to learn the Spanish Language. Additionally, we understand the importance of systematically re-evaluating our services to be the best it can for them.

Our Experience is varied and extensive for three simple reasons:
- Firstly, our school was a year in conception, prior to our successful launch in 2001. This allowed us the experience to research the language market, identifying a successful strategy in which to establish ourselves into a competitive sector.
- Secondly, our teachers are both native speakers of Spanish and university graduates. They are specialists in their fields with a great deal of teaching experience and, they have been selected both for their high academic standards and communication skills.
- Thirdly and finally, our international experience. We have collaborated with a range of companies for example, the University of Washington, making an intensive program just for their students twice annually. In addition, we have taught students from the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, etc.

Our goals are important to us, and they illustrate what we set out to achieve annually:
- To produce students who feel confident in their knowledge and use of the Spanish Language at a level that is comfortable or answers the individual’s needs.
- To provide a supportive environment that will encourage the student to learn comfortably, feel at ease to express themselves and gain confidence in their acquired skills.
- To continually evaluate, update and develop our teaching methods via a range of media (both tradition and innovative applications)
- To expand on our portfolio of business as the needs of our customers grow. (Accommodation, extra-curriculum activities, student advisory department)
- To expand our network of collaboration with other international institutions.

Our accomplishments help to demonstrate the end results of yet another year of hard work by our dedicated team of staff. This year we are proud of the following achievements:
- 100% success rate of getting independent students to D.E.L.E examination.
- We have seen a 70% increase in demand for our services.
- A new concise curriculum and the finalization of all new course literature for 2005.
- Fast administration system trafficking primary contact to our students enabling us to reply to their initial requests daily.
- Interactive newspaper encouraging our students to love the Spanish language and culture.
- Familiarizing them with Spanish literature.

A new Agent´s Manual that represents a volume of information and readily available answers that you and your staff will need so as to prepare their students. Recognitions from national ministries of education, such as Bildungsurlaub in Berlin, Brandenburg, etc and CSN in Sweden. Recognised, also, by FIDESCU as “Centro Examinador del Diploma Internacional de Español (D.I.E) Local Recognitions from the Cámara de Comercio de Cádiz and Patronato Provincial de Turismo de Cádiz, etc.

In recognition of language schools that provide consistently outstanding service Language Course S.L. presents our school, with the 2005 Excellence Award certifying an excellent overall service rating based on the evaluations of former students. Why I think our company is the best for our students:
- Balance: We ensure excellent standards & great value are equally important.
- Experience: We only choose experienced teachers ensuring you get the results that you need. Students can choose from our wide range of courses & services. You want to succeed; you need professional teachers, we make sure you get the Individual care and the right package.
- Size: You want personal attention. You want small groups. We ensure there are no more than 7 students in each class, more attention, more progress, and more successful study for our students. We have time for them.
- Trust: Trust us to provide an environment that is educational, relaxed and fun. We ensure a unique, light conducive environment for our students to study. Conveniently based in the center of Cadiz, in the towns beautiful historical quarter. Unforgettable.
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