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We are a small Italian language school for foreigners based in San Giovanni Valdarno. The school is managed and run by a typical extended Italian family: Anna Paola is the director and the teacher coordinator, while Erica, her sister-in-law, is the administrative manager, as well being in charge of student accommodation.

They are assisted by Anna Paola's husband, Alessio Romagnoli, the highly popular cooking courses teacher and her parents, Nicoletta and Orazio Bosi, senior teacher and cultural guide respectively. They're supported by other "family" members, a young, friendly team of dedicated professionals whose goal is to make learning Italian learning a thoroughly enjoyable, memorable experience with motivation, enthusiasm … and a touch of irony.

Why learn Italian at our language school:
- Our small family-run school offers a personalized service in a welcoming and informal atmosphere
- You can live in a small, calm, safe town while being within easy reach of the most important cities in Tuscany and we genuinely want to make you feel at home and not in an anonymous place for tourists
- We consider students not as clients but as "our students", often "our friends"
- With our modern teaching methods and the enthusiasm of our teachers you will learn Italian language quickly and be given many opportunities to speak
- You will be offered a large program of excursions and activities
- Studying at our language school and staying in San Giovanni is a different experience and you won't feel like one of the thousands of tourists wandering in crowded cities
- Our small classes mean it's much easier for you to make friends and to form a strong group spirit
- We all work hard to offer an excellent service because it is our own business
- Your needs and requests will always be listened to and replied with care and patience

All our teachers have had specialist training in the teaching of Italian language and they have many valuable years of experience in the teaching of languages and/or other humanity subjects. They regularly attend practical training and refresher courses in both public and private institutes. Learn Italian with us, be part of our family!

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