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Welcome to our center, where we are dedicated to teaching you the Arabic Language in the heart of medieval Sana’a. The accent here remains the closest to Classical Arabic, enabling you to continue your lessons outside the classroom, right from the word go. As the only institute in Yemen to be affiliated to a university, all our teachers are of the highest caliber and will provide you with the best tuition available. With highly qualified teachers, reasonable fees and a stunning location, we are confident that our center really is the best place to study Arabic.

We are a division of the best well known private university in Yemen University of Science and Technology. We teach intensive Arabic courses to students of all levels and abilities. It teaches groups, though usually we offer private instruction in either Modern Standard Arabic or the Yemeni dialect. We are located in Sana'a old city, providing a full-immersion language environment inside and outside the classroom. Besides courses, we offer accommodations.This site should answer most of your questions, but don’t hesitate to email us with any further queries. We look forward to welcoming you to Yemen!
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