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Dennis and Lynette Buurman and Ian Bradshaw. Tours to the albatross and seabirds of the Kaikoura Coast. We live in a time when ‘Eco Tourism’ has become the latest catch phrase and entrepreneurs throughout New Zealand and the world, are seizing upon opportunities to create activities that involve interaction with wild animals in their natural environment. In pursuing these ventures, we must not loose sight of the fact we are taking a liberty, which although regulated in many instances, is a privilege. For this reason we have a duty to value those animals we come into contact with by giving them the respect they deserve.

Kaikoura has one of the greatest numbers of different types of seabirds within a small area than anywhere along the New Zealand coastline. The list of seabirds below have been sighted in an area from Kaikoura Peninsula south to a distance of 10 miles off the Conway river mouth, roughly a triangular area. One of the reasons for such a large number of different types of seabirds is the presence of a deep water trench (the Kaikoura Canyon), close inshore and upwelling of cold nutrient rich water over the shallower coastal waters (supporting flocks of tens of thousands of Hutton’s shear waters which breed in the nearby Seaward Kaikoura mountains).
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