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Base of operations: England
Owner and founder of our company is Bob Buckler a British birder with over 30 years field experience who has led tours for the last 25 years. He has traveled extensively in Western Europe and parts of Africa with many trips to France, Spain, Morocco, Greece and the Balearic Islands. He has experience leading tours with American and Canadian birders and led Round-Britain tours in the 90's for North American birders. Bob lived in Toronto, Canada for two years during the 'Eighties' and between April and Sept each year his spring/summer/autumn operation has been based in Andalucia in Southern Spain.This will continue for the dorwseeable future.

M05601 tours are eco-friendly and pay particular attention to the delicate and sensitive nature of the wild life it seeks out to observe. The tours are friendly, easy going and never exhausting. We are a company that appreciates that you are on vacation and maximise your leisure time as much as possible. We try to limit the time spent in the bus and maximise the time spent in the field. Walks are never strenuous with most of the birding done from quiet tracks and road side pull-ins, even in the mountains. Bob is a full-time professional bird guide not a 'weekender' and is out in the field most days. To experience a wonderful relaxing holiday join us for a M05601 Bird Tour.
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Birding Tours in Spain 10% off.
An English bird watching tour company based in Spain enabling you to see the best of Spain’s birds and its wonderful countryside.

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USD 4500 / Per trip
Birding outfitters
Duration: 2 - 15 days
Season: January - December

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