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The TV show Sydney Weekender classified this boutique cooking school as 'One of the best places in the world to learn how to cook authentic Italian'. So why not relax after a long day and learn to cook Italian whilst enjoying a glass of wine or Campari surrounded by people who share similar interests.

Your cooking teacher is Luciana Sampogna who trained with the famous Simili Sisters' at their school in Bologna. The Similis' achieved international fame & ran Marcella Hazan's cooking school. As Gourmet Traveler defined Luciana: "she is also following in their footsteps: her cooking school teaches the Simili Sisters' recipes as well as following their philosophy of introducing the time-honored traditions of regional Italian cooking to a new generation who, even in Italy, are fast losing these skills."

This passionate and knowledgeable teacher strives to teach that it is the simplicity of Italian Food which makes it so special.
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