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The English Language Centre (ELC) is celebrating 40 years of ESL excellence in 2010, as one of the oldest and largest language departments of its kind in Canada. The ELC is part of the University of Victoria (UVic), a medium-sized university located on a spacious and modern campus in the west-coast capital city of Victoria, British Columbia. UVic offers degree programs in 12 Faculties and Divisions and in both 2007 and 2008 was voted the Best Comprehensive University in Canada (Maclean’s Magazine).

ELC programs begin every month and can be combined to suit each student´s schedule and interests, making it easy to study English in Victoria for 1 month, 6 months, a year, or longer! Students attend 20-30 class hours per week, and outside of class, enjoy a full calendar of social activities led by our Cultural Assistants. ELC students benefit from a true immersion experience at UVic, as they attend classes throughout the campus and enjoy unlimited access to computer and language laboratories, libraries and recreational facilities, allowing them to become part of an exciting student community. Approximately 2500 students from over 30 countries study in our wide variety of program options each year:
- 12-Week Intensive English
- Short-Term Language & Culture
- Monthly English
- University Admission Preparation
- English Work Experience
- Volunteer Experience
- TOEFL / TOEIC Exam Preparation
- Business English
- English for Teachers.
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 1  Viviana Figueredo / Living in British Columbia, the Best Place on Earth!
As their current campaign says, to me, BC is “the best place on earth”. It has a stunning landscape, the best weather of Canada, the friendliest and happiest people of the world. I feel like a found a second family in there. It is the greenest places I have ever been and where you can really get immerse in a more relax and clean environment. It is also a multicultural province where people can experience the heritage of many countries.

I lived in Victoria which is a beautiful city. It can seem ... view more pretty small but there is so much to do in there and the people are very polite and friendly. Maybe I love it so much because it was the perfect escape for my hometown which is very crowded and noisy. In Victoria you can feel safe while walking on the street, even if it is at night. It is also the perfect combination between a city and a town, and it has the best of the both worlds. You can really focus on what you have come to do and find yourself to plan ahead.

 2  Hussain Alhowaidi / A "Life-Chaning Experience"
I came to Victoria with limited English when I started studying at the University of Victoria’s English Language Centre. I must say it was perhaps one of my greatest and most life-changing experiences to date. I found the teachers to be very professional. Little things like ensuring we understood what we had to do, and the opportunities to correct some of our work before final exams, was so encouraging at the time. I must thank all my teachers for their encouragement during my period of study. I am deeply ... view more indebted to the University of Victoria for this fantastic experience I have enjoyed in my young life, and I look forward with great confidence to facing future challenges in obtaining my doctorate in dentistry over the next few years. I will remember you all with great fondness.

 3  Yun Jeong Kang / Benefits of the Work Experience Program
I’m sure you will learn many things from this work experience program. Of course you can improve your English such as speaking and listening. The best thing was you can use English in real situation and you can test your English! It is totally different with just study with other international students in class room. You will see how to learn English and you will love English more than now. If you want to get good experience for your future I strongly recommend this program.

 4  Raphal Hasse / "The University is Awesome!"
I have always wanted to participate in an exchange program. I chose Canada because I knew that I would be welcome. And I was! Victoria is a beautiful city and it is big enough to offer the same things that any other city could offer. On the other hand, the city has characteristics of a countryside town where the people are much friendlier than in a bigger city. The University is awesome. On campus, I made many Canadians friends. The university facilities are great; there were many playing fields where I could ... view more play several sports like soccer, basketball and tennis. I also had the opportunity to meet other students from around the world. I was introduced to many different cultures. And of course, it was a great place to study English as well. UVIC is the only place that you will find cultural assistants who work exclusively in your program. Without their help I wouldn’t have been able to feel so at ease with Canadian culture. I am certain that I chose the best place for my exchange... and I know that this opportunity has completely changed my life.