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Joe settled down on a small agricultural village (Moshav) in the Jezreel Valley becoming a tour guide in 1997. He worked as an educator for the Alexander Muss High School in Israel program teaching Jewish History and Israel Studies.

He has lectured at the Jezreel Valley College and other institutions and has guided various Jewish, Christian, interfaith and non-denominational groups including NFTY, Ramah, Hillel, Birthright, Canadian Israel Experience, the Israel Experience, the United Nations peacekeeping forces, Project Understanding as well as many dozens of groups from the business world. Joe Yudin also has guided hundreds of private tours for individuals, families, activity clubs (mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, etc) bar/bat mitzvahs groups and congregational groups.

Today Joe Yudin and the top notch tour guides he works with own and operate several licensed touring vehicles including cars, off road vehicles, and vans. M05856 also works in conjunction with top quality bus companies and a select few drivers who have proven their reliability and commitment to service. also create special, tailor made itineraries to suit your needs and interests.

Joe and his team offers you custom tours of the Land of Israel with your own private, expert tour guide. We create itineraries focusing on your specific guidelines and interests. Our premium services give you the flexibility to explore Israel at the level of service that you deserve.

All of our tour guides are seasoned professionals with English at a mother tongue level and licensed by Israel's Ministry of Tourism. We take the utmost security precautions to make your trip safe, enjoyable and the experience of a lifetime.

M05856 also books reservations for cars, hotels, restaurants and special activities such as camel treks, Bedouin hospitality, rappelling excursions, horseback riding and any other special request making it your place for one-stop shopping for your Israel experience.

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