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Learn French in Montpellier France. High quality French courses in very small classes. The school has been founded in 1965 in Montpellier in Southern France, very close to the Mediterranean, the Camargue, Provence!

Preparation or/andExamination center for:
- Delf Dalf
- Alliance Fran├žaise;
- Paris Chamber of Commerce;
- University of Cambridge;
- Franco-British Chamber of Commerce.

All kind of courses, for all levels, all year round and always in very small and homogeneous groups. Your satisfaction makes our success since 1965.
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Reviews and Comments
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 1  Alexander B. / Linguistic stay
French courses + accommodation at host family were very nice. I made lot of progresses.

 2  Mullner Thomas / French course
very kind host family with perfect meals. Nice atmosphere. Very good teachers: Florence and Caroline.

 3  Jones Eluned / French courses
Very good teachers.

 4  Bonsembiante Maria giulia / French courses
Very good institute, good organization, nice people and perfect host family.

 5  Abami Asaki / French courses
I have made many progresses in conversation, grammar! Very kind host family.