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We are a well-known school of photography founded in 1984 by Pierre-Yves Mahé to give photographers the technical skills and creative freedom for personal visual expression. Our students come from scores of countries in Europe, the USA, the Americas and Asia and receive individual attention.

Most courses are taught in English. We offer full-time, part time and summer programs for transferable credit. Since 1990, formal exchange agreements exist with the Rhode Island School of Design and the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Since its origin, we have had professional relationships with top photographers, industry and agency leaders (Apple, Magnum, Reuters, Gamma...). We offer top of the art facilities to its students: It has two fully equipped B&W darkrooms with thirty-two enlargers. In the studios, seven photo stages are equipped with digital cameras and backs, medium and large format cameras.

Equipment permits proper hands-on digital learning. We are also equipped with seventy Apple or PC workstations, thirty scanners, Fuji Pictro 3000 color printer, DSL phone line and equipment for high-speed transmissions.

We are ideally situated for studying photography. France is the birthplace of photography and Paris "Ville des Lumières" is the worldwide reference in the area of fashion, commercial photography, photojournalism and fine arts. The city is also rich with specialized photography museums and galleries.
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