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M05898 is the premier ice climbing Guide Company to the Canadian Rockies. The only guiding company to focus exclusively on ice, our guides are dialed in to local conditions and excel at the sport.

We are based in Canmore, Alberta - the epicenter of ice climbing and we have ten years of local experience. Your contact is the owner and head guide, Sean Easton, a seasoned veteran with eight years of ice guiding behind him. Your queries will be answered promptly and expansively.

R.I.S. employs guides who represent the finest ice climbing talent in Canada. They are professional, sponsored climbers, with cutting edge first ascents to their credit around the world. They climb at the highest standards and are at the forefront of the Rockies winter scene. Rob Owens has finished at the top of the international ice/mixed competitions recently.

R.I.S. is structured to ensure that our guides are appropriately paid and never overworked. This attracts the best talent and keeps motivation high. Your money goes toward creating a sustainable guiding career, not office staff, overhead, or excessive marketing.

Ratios: 1:2(guide/client) maximum. Small teams have many benefits over larger groups. Increased: speed of movement, range of options, chance of completing objective, attention to client's aspirations. With low ratio's the days objectives are tailored to your abilities and desires, and not diluted by the competing needs of a large group. This increases the value of your day out. Our priority is the quality of your experience, not the number of people we can churn.

Our guides are members in good standing with the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides; we operate according to ACMG (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides) guidelines. We carry Provincial/National Parks permits and we are insured through the ACMG.

We are well organized and professional, and can help with all aspects of your trip planning. Feel free to contact us for local beta and recommendations, regardless of whether you are climbing with us. Trip dates are determined by your schedule! We know how restricted your vacation time can be, so we work to fit your availability!

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