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Come hunt for Maine black bear with Spruce Mountain Lodge, a modern, clean, guide lodge (wheelchair accessible) nestled in the heart of Down East Maine's prime wilderness hunting area in Washington County. Situated near the Canadian Province of New Brunswick (as close to hunting black bear in Canada without leaving Maine as you can get), this area is known for its scenic beauty and abundance of wildlife, especially bear, bobcat and moose.

Master Maine Guide, Steve Cole, and his wife Brenda own and operate this haven for big game sportsmen. Steve has been a Maine Guide for nineteen (19) years and has guided countless successful hunts for black bear, bobcat and moose. For the past ten years, Steve proudly boasts an average success rate of ninety percent for his black bear hunters.

Brenda, also an accomplished hunter, has taken black bear, moose and whitetail deer from the prime hunting territory at our Lodge. Together, Steve and Brenda deliver their hunting knowledge and personal attention to ensure each sportsman a rewarding hunting experience. So come join us for some terrific Maine Bear Hunting this year.
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