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We are an independent, family-run tour company, which offers three distinct cultural tours to various regions in Spain. Since 1997 we have guided over 500 clients around Catalunya, Andalucia and Extremadura.

Each tour that we offer is the result of many years of study and experience in the region. We put the utmost care and concern into the development of each Spain tour: we scrutinize the details and are uncompromising in our quest for the perfect hotels, the most delightful walks and the most exquisite food. We are registered with the Spanish Board of Tourism.

We offer an alternative way to travel and experience the mystery and charm of Spain. Our unique Spain tours consist of leisurely walks through Spain's most cherished locales: Andalucia in the south, Extremadura/Portugal in the west and Barcelona/ Costa Brava in the northeast. It's our firm belief that the best way to experience Spanish culture is to travel through the real Spain, both ancient and modern, at a relaxed pace, with a small group (8 - 20 people) and with outstanding guides.
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