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Greetings from North Conway and the White Mountains of New Hampshire. For over thirty years we have offered comprehensive and personalized climbing instruction, international expeditions and retail services for climbers from New England and around the country. Our year-round climbing programs are open to people of all ages and all ability levels. Let us know what you want to accomplish by climbing with our guides and together we can make it happen.

Our mission is to provide every climber with a safe, enjoyable and rewarding climbing experience. Our long-term goal is to run a friendly, personal guide service that you will return to year after year. It's a job and a passion that allows us to share the excitement of climbing and the beauty of the mountain environment with you.

The White Mountains are a world class climbing destination offering the potential for a lifetime of enriching experiences. Very few other mountain ranges in North America provide such a diverse amount of easily accessible climbing terrain. Whether you are a newcomer or old friend to us, browse through our extensive curriculum of instruction and guided climbing adventures; you're sure to find something that will open new and exciting doors for you. Set goals for yourself and understand the value of experienced and professional instruction to help you achieve your High Ambitions.

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