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Hello! Here is M05981 from Prague. I'm a licensed guide with long experience and I study horticulture. I provide the garden and other tours (photo tours as well) especially in Prague and its surroundings, tailored to wishes of my dear customers. I´d like to invite you to Prague, the most beautiful capital in Europe, combination of garden and city architecture of all European styles. It is a medieval fairy tale, very cheap and relatively undiscovered.

Cobble stones, traces of Franz Kafka, dumplings, best beer and biggest castle in Europe. You can relax, be astonished, never forget. You can visit ecological farms and animal farms as well. Or castles with exquisite gardens and forests of former Czech nobility. And this everything provided by me, Czech guide, feeling as your protector, friend and mother... Whatever you want. I´m expecting you here.
Yours sincerely M05981, guide
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