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M06094 is a service oriented company that allows people to enjoy great fishing or hunting in a unique setting. For fishing, each of our nine lakes has one clean, fully equipped, well maintained fishing camp on it. Our clients have a fly in only lake all to themselves. Clients can enjoy pristine wilderness at their own pace with the people of their choice.

Fishing in the land of the midnight sun means there is plenty of daylight to fish to your hearts content. When is the last time you heard of a place where there are more moose,timber wolves, loons, eagles, bears, and otters than people? When was the last time you watched six Arctic Grayling race for your lure as you sight casted in crystal clear water at two in the morning?

The fact is, places like the Yukon are a rarity the world over. The Yukon is a place where the Rocky Mountains meet the Arctic Circle and vast valleys are fringed by beautiful mountain ranges. Once you come to the Yukon Territory, chances are you'll be back!
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