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This art filled Hacienda welcomes singles, couples, small groups and workshops. It is located in Colonia Versalles, a typical upscale Mexican neighborhood that affords visitors a chance to experience the charm of daily life in old Mexico. You will find cobbled streets, where tortillerias and markets cater to the locals rather than the tourists, craft shops, cantinas, night life and adventure. Hacienda Mosaico is ideal for small retreats and intimate parties as well as a quiet respite from the busy world - a tranquil vacation destination in a tropical environment for adults.
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 1  Tess Sinclair / Hacienda Mosaico
What an amazing idea you have breathed life into. I can't stop talking about it... I was so happy there!

 2  Elloitt Night / Hacienda Mosaico
Everyday was a new discovery for the eyes, taste, touch and for the heart!

 3  Ellen Specht / Hacienda Mosaico
Dear Sam,

I have thought of you so often since I returned to the US. I had such an incredible life-changing experience at Hacienda Mosaico. Never before have I dwelt (even temporarily) where every object was a work of art - where I sat on, ate off of, slept under, and gazed upon works of art in every direction! It was so colorful, so inspiring, so reflective of the idea that one's whole life can become an art-making. You so embody this for me--you seemed more like a nurturing friend than a ... view more business owner. You took such care of us, anticipating our every need and making everything we did so much fun. Your recommendations for where to eat - especially Tapas at Barcelona Cafe--were quite wonderful. I will return to Hacienda Mosaico in a flash if I ever have the chance. It was one of the most wonderful times of my life. I feel I was able to break out of my box with Juliana as my teacher and I have been journeling away ever since I returned, happy to make art for myself alone. Great vistas of perfect freedom have opened up before me.

At Hacienda Mosaico I had no thoughts about growing old, about the adventures of life shrinking, about my horizons disappearing. Everything felt full of luscious color and rapture. I truly felt as if I was in Paradise. I will never forget you and Blanca trading kisses. Thank you for all your kindness to us, Sam. I hope that I will always have a little piece of your home in my heart. May your road smoothe out and your journeys be rich and as full of treasures as you made mine.

Ellen Specht.

 4  Anne Bagby / Hacienda Mosaico
Everyone in our group had a wonderful time at the Hacienda, especially the instructors. I think I can speak for the class, I know I can say they did remarkable work and taught me a lot. In between our heavy work sessions in our lovely open studio, we had gourmet food, swimming in the pool and beautiful Puerto Vallarta to tour around. I am planning on returning and enjoyed each day of our visit. Sam was a perfect hostess and did her best to fill every need and desire.

 5  Dayle Doroshow / Hacienda Mosaico
Arriving at Hacenda Mosaico the first time is a feast for the eyes. Lush gardens, a riot of color, beautiful art everywhere you look, from the mosaic tables and chairs to wonderful art on the walls in every room. The large sleeping rooms, outside patio and pool, and the homey inside lounge make for warm conversation and developing close friendships. And the art studio! A well-furnished roomy studio providing exactly what's needed to have a most wonderful art-making adventure. This is a place that fulfills ... view more artists and travelers dreams - a place to relax, make art, and surround yourself in a
wonderful culture.

 6  Juliana coles / Hacienda Mosaico
I highly recommend Hacienda Mosaico and it's gracious, generous, and artistic host, Sam Leonard, not just to anyone interested in offering an artists' or writers' retreat or workshop, but anyone looking to get away to a tropical paradise. The rooms are wonderful, spacious, and artfully decorated. Many rooms have mosaics or furniture that Sam herself has designed or built. The colors are bright, festive, and welcoming, like you hope Mexico to be. The grounds and lovely paths are a jungle display ... view more of gorgeous flowers, bananas, and even parrots squawking in the background. Meals were served around the beautiful blue tiled egg shaped pool. We ate fresh fruit I had never seen before, drank refreshing Jamaica teas, and ate traditional Mexican fare served on artistic pottery on mosaic tables. The whole experience is that of being in some hidden tropical garden (really more like a womb), protected from the outside; a restful yet creative space to gestate creative ideas and renew spirit. The workshops were held upstairs with windows looking out over the gardens (the windows are always open to the life outside). There was plenty of space for the classes and the classroom itself was everyone's dream studio. People worked well into the dark, not being able to leave. The place is beautiful. The food is excellent. Sam and her staff take care of everything so that all you have to do is create/teach. We had dinners out at night at amazing restaurants, but really, you never have to leave. Hacienda Mosaico is a treat for those offering workshops, as well as those looking for their own artistic getaway. My students and I had an experience we will never forget. I am definitely returning. It's a wonderful life there, and it's hard to leave. Sam has created a world that we all dream of. It is truly inspirational.

 7  aren Michel / Hacienda Mosaico
I planned a workshop at the Hacienda Mosaico going solely on the recommendation of other artist friends who had gone down to teach and gave it rave reviews. When I first arrived, I was in awe of the setting- warm, inviting and inspiring. Sam is a wonderful hostess who made us all feel welcome in her home & studio and helped us make the most of our "creative adventure". I found traveling to Puerto Vallarta very easy, I had no problem traveling with my art supplies and the Hacienda is only minutes ... view more from both the airport and downtown shopping & beaches.

I had a wonderful experience & I am looking forward to returning!

Karen Michel

 8  NanC Meinhardt / Hacienda Mosaico
I have never enjoyed a teaching job as much as the time with you. You are a wizard and have established a Mexican Brigadoon. What a magical experience you provide. I would like to plan an "official workshop" and a different "bead and play" time at your B&B for 2005. Thank you for being one of the very best finds in my life. I hope all goes well for you and hope you remain in my life for a long time to come.

 9  Mindy Heddons / Hacienda Mosaico
I only have the best memories of an awesome artist retreat. You did a fabulous job. The idea of the chef was brilliant.

 10  Christopher Garcia / Hacienda Mosaico
“I had seen photos of Hacienda Mosaico online but I was not prepared for the beauty and luxury of where we would spend the next two weeks“.

Christopher Garcia,
Associate Professor,
Art Antioch College.

 11  Tereze Gluck / Art Glass
I was at Hacienda Mosaico in March and I had the time of my life. Sunshine, art glass, and margaritas day after day. Plus the divine Blanca the contrary and fascinating cockatoo? Not to mention the divine Sam herself.

The Hacienda is a life-size piece of art - wherever you turn there is something to delight the eye: mosaics, inspired furnishings, Sam’s beautiful dichroic glass jewelry. This was a week of utter repose and contentment, enhanced by the amazing hospitality. (Those margaritas!)
... view more
I'm going back, just as soon as I can.

 12  Sara Bronson / Hacienda Mosaico
The hacienda is a magical paradise, as you know, and has an energy that easily attracts and creates miracles. Look no further than your backyard! The way that we all came together during that week and the energy we shared I know was supported by the love that oozes throughout Hacienda Mosaico. You've created a magical paradise and I'm so grateful to have been there....and to have met you.

Sara Bronson

 13  Devorah Otto / Hacienda Mosaico
Reaching out to say Thank You and share thoughts about the week but I'm still just a bit speachless. The week was incredibly profound for me in so many ways and became a wonderful personal journey.

 14  Lynne Perrella / Art Workshop
A quick note to thank you for the wonderful opportunity to work with our students in such a luscious and supportive environment. Anne and I felt totally pampered and could completely focus on the students. We were delighted with the work that was done. The studio is so well-equipped and it was a joy to throw open the windows and be working in the open air, surrounded by trees and rooftops. And the food!? Our meals were all so exceptional and beautifully presented. I can't stop thinking about our time at ... view more The Hacienda - it was truly magical. You are doing an exceptional job! Keep it up, and we hope to be back as soon as possible.
Lynn Perrella