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M06179 believes in teaching skills to anyone who has the desire to learn to climb. You will receive "hands on" instruction at your own pace. We offer courses to people of all ages and abilities - beginner through advanced. Students under the age of 18 must provide written permission from a parent or guardian. We offer a low student to guide ratio, but group courses are welcome.

M06179 will provide experienced guides who are concerned with making your outing as safe as possible. We regularly participate in a variety of different climbing sub-specialties including rock climbing, ice climbing, aid climbing, mountaineering, and extended winter outings.

M06179 has the highest qualifications for guiding. We are Accredited by the American Mountain Guides Association, our senior guides are certified by the American Mountain Guides Association; trained in first aid, either as Wilderness First Responders or as Wilderness Emergency Medical Technicians; and Licensed to Guide in New York State for Rock, Ice, Camping, Canoeing, Hiking, and/or Fishing. The AMGA is America's only organization to offer comprehensive training, certification and accreditation programs for professional mountain guide services and guides. Choosing a guide service that is accredited, or a guide that is AMGA Certified ensures that they operate on an internationally accepted level of proficiency. The AMGA assesses their operating skills - including client care, risk management, first aid, and route selection - as well as their business operations - including insurance, permits, guide training, etc. The necessary level of proficiency required to become an AMGA Accredited Guide Service and/or a Certified Guide is what separates us from other "professional" guide services.

Safety is our first priority.
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