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West Peak in Guanaja, Bay Islands, Honduras offers guided sea kayak trips through the tropical reef system of the western Caribbean. Off the northern coast of Central America in the Western Caribbean lies Guanaja, a remote and pristine coral reef isle in the Bay Islands of Honduras. Also, we invite you to snorkel, hike, camp, and even add a day of diving to your paddling vacation.

West Peak is located on the western section of the island. Nearly three miles of pristine beach and wonderful seclusion lie between West Peak and her neighbors. The resort is a collection of enchanting cabins rimmed by colorful gardens and catering to small groups of kayakers or divers or other guests wanting a tropical retreat far from the crowds and stress of modern life.
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 1  Hope Haff / Verified User Review
A tasteful, well-cared-for very small resort, directly on a miles-long stretch of uninhabited beach. The island has little or no crime and plentiful safe drinking water. The resort has a large, pleasant dining-room and bar with good local food, looking out on the Carribean, but no noise at night, as visitors come only by boat, by day. Abundant, friendly, english-speaking help, very good seakayaks for the 5-day trip we booked, knowledgable, helpful kayak guides(3, for 2 visitors!)