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M06581 has been leading guided sea kayaking trips along the Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo coastlines, and within the Channel Islands National Park, for the past 16 years. Trips are designed to be low rigor but high adventure to captivate both novices and experts alike. A fun introductory kayaking lesson is included with every trip. National Park permit #5300-B04.

California's Channel Islands, located just off the coast of Santa Barbara and Ventura, are a National Park dream-come-true for marine nature lovers. The crystal clear Pacific channel waters, many mysterious and eerie sea caves, breathtaking cliffs, abundant wildlife, and mild weather combine to lure expert kayakers and novices alike to explore their natural wonders.

Each encounter with the caves, tunnels, arches, grottos, and blow holes is a unique blend of sights and sounds created by submarine fissures and openings and the contorted volcanic island formations. And the sheltered paddling areas very often are without surf or strong winds.
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 1  Joe Selewicz / Verified User Review
The Service was excellent. 10's in each category. Eric was timely in his responses to my questions and Tony was a great tour guide. I strongly recommend this outfit.

 2  Dustin Flynn / Santa Cruz Island One-Day Sea Cave Kayaking Trips
I really enjoyed the trip and plan to do it again.


 3  Sheryl McBride / Channel Islands Sea Cave Kayaking
Thank you for all your help. It was great Jeff I and the boys had the time of our life, Tony and Dan were the best.. WOW.. what great hosts. I am actually talking to my boss about doing a corporate team thing.. Eric, I could tell our tour kicked compared to the other companies based on the..places and size of the others. I am going to tell everyone I know to go with you.

My son wants to come " volunteer" and help, I think I started a new thing for him

All my best


 4  Barbara Sherry, Ph.D / Channel Islands Sea Cave Kayaking
I just had to drop a line to say that we had a WONDERFUL time on our trip
on Thursday (june 29). You were right ... no problem for beginners. And
thanks for the Von's suggestion ... worked great to buy a cooler and pick
up sandwiches. Finally (and most importantly), Dan was a fabulous
guide ... just perfect in every way. He really made the trip for us!

Thanks again, and I've already recommended you to everyone I've seen!


 5  Veronica Roberts / Channel Islands Sea Cave Kayaking
I've been packing up my life since I saw you (albeit briefly!) on
Tuesday but i just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my kayaking trip.
The Channel Islands are even more beautiful than I imagined, and given
how high my expectations are, that says a lot. But most of all, I was
impressed with Tony. I didn't realize that this trip would be led by a
first-rate naturalist. I loved learning about the birds in particular.

Anyhow, thanks so much for the cooler and for all your ... view more help!



 6  Randal Kell / Verified User Review
Guide was low key and nice--we had a great trip!!

 7  Maria Poisall / Verified User Review
They were very good on the phone, easy to make reservations, knowledgeable, the trip there and back was good, the kayaking was really fun, the camping experience was just ok. I would have like to see the group brought together more by the guides in conversation and fellowship. Also, the camping was very primitive and a small hike!

 8  Jenise Batchleder / Verified User Review
Our guide was very knowledgeable and fun. He rates a 10. The experience was awesome and rates a 9-10. The cost was very expensive and rates a 2. The boat trip to the island was very nice and rates a 9.

 9  Tomer Petel / Verified User Review
The operator was very good.