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Base of operations: Peru
Moto Adventures, dualsport motorcycle tours. Experienced Peruvian tour operators. Visit Peru on a Honda xr-600. Journey through the pacific desert, through the Andes Mountains and into the Amazonian rain forests. Discover one of the most geographic contrasting and culturally rich land of the globe. Ride on the most diverse terrains, explore our totally contrasting three main regions and ecosystems. From desert dunes and moon like territories at sea level to the thrilling twisty climbs and charming vicuñas troops of the great Andes at more than 13,000 feet, into the exuberant flora of the Amazonian rain forests. Included tours to the lost Inca city of machu picchu, cuzco city tour, the nazca lines, among others. All our tours include experimented bilingual guides, professional mechanical service, specially equipped support vehicles and carefully selected accommodations. We have tours for different riding levels and of different durations to suit your schedule. Professionally run. Large experience with North American and European groups. Brochures and detailed info sent upon request.
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Vacation Packages offered by supplier M06707
Inca Select (3 Days Program)
Experience this amazing adventure in Peru where you will be awarded with spectacular landscapes that you will never forget!

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USD 3200 / Per person
Tour Package
Motorcycle Tours
Duration: 9 days
Season: April - November

Pure Desert ( 4 Days Program)
Don't miss this amazing adventure created for riders in search of more demanding challenges, with the best desert riding routes of the Pacific desert in Peru!

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USD 2250 / Per person
Tour Package
Motorcycle Tours
Duration: 7 days
Season: January - December

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