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Museum Tours offers trips to Egypt for the enthusiast. Though many of our clients are members of various museum groups, individual participation is welcome and encouraged. Our tours are designed to offer an experience of ancient Egypt simply unavailable on typical tours.

We see all of the major sights that no trip to Egypt would be complete without, and we take the time to see them the way they should be seen. In addition, we also visit many lesser known, but equally important places, off the main track, where we will be able to get away from the crowds and really get to know ancient Egypt. Museum Tours uses 5 star hotels and a 5 star Nile cruise line. Yet with all this our prices are very competative.

We currently offer several standard tours, plus we regularly add special tours to our list.

Egyptian Odyssey our primere, and most popular, tour is offered with weekly departures throughout the year. This all inclusive, two week trip features, an experienced Tour Manager, expert guides, a 4 night nile cruise. This is the most comprehensive trip available, for its duration and price.

Pharaonic Journey offers weekly departures throughout most of the year. This all inclusive 10 day trip features an experienced Tour Manager, expert guides and a Nile cruise. Though not as "in depth" as Egyptian Odyssey, this still represents a trip of a lifetime, featuring many sights not available on standard tours.

Sailing the Nile allows you can enjoy Egypt in authentic Victorian style as you sail from Luxor (Esna) to Aswan on our restored, historic dahabeyah, Neferu-Ra, built in 1910 by Omar Pasha Sultan.

Pharaonic Highlights is a low cost, one week tour designed especially for families and those who don't have the time for a longer experience in Egypt.

Egypt by train is for travellers who prefer not to fly or sail, or would simply rather use Egypt's rail system for travel in Egypt.

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