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As a non-profit 501 c (3) organization our mission is to provide high quality international art and cultural experiences at affordable prices. We have created the Learning Journeys programs in order to help the general public, artists, students, teachers and anyone with the desire to understand other lands, participate in todays rapidly expanding global community.

The Learning Journeys programs create an environment where like-minded individuals from around the world can meet, network and often make lifelong friends. Our tours are filled with adults of all ages who have rich and varied backgrounds as the Learning Journeys programs appeal to a wide variety of people.

Our unique and affordable programs are located in the historical centers of beautiful places throughout the world. Each program will locate you right where you need to be to gain the most from your tour. These tours are built to stimulate you, surprise you and immerse you in the beauty of each country.

More than just “tour guides” our group leaders are professional artists and educators who hold Master of Fine Arts degrees. Each has lived, studied or taught in the country of their expertise and offer simply the best educational tours in the business.A daily schedual of visits to ”must see locations” is combined with trips to places off the beated path, art lectures-

and for anyone who wishes to explore their own creative side - special workshops in a viriaty of areas such as drawing, painting, photography, batik, wood carving and ceramics.All participants regardless of level of experience are welcome to attend the free workshops.

Since it is not required to attend the workshops or be an artist adults of all ages and interests come with us for the unique opportunity to see these beautiful places “through the eyes of an artist”.

Learning Journeys are for folks who want to have fun, a flexible schedule and time to learn too!
Questions and Answers
Providing international study abroad and teaching abroad opportunities to individuals and colleges.

1. How long has the business been operating and how did it start?

We first started operations in 1993, and became a non-profit corp. in 1995.

2. What is your company's mission?

To provide low cost overseas study and learning opportunities in the arts, art history and photography.

3. What does your company specialize in?

Providing overseas studio space and workshops for artists and art lovers.

4. Who is the founder or owner of the company and briefly describe his/her past activities?

David Renfrow founded M07209, he has a BFA in painting and printmaking as well as an MFA in Fiber arts and printmaking. He currently teaches drawing and art history lectures on the M07209 Florence program.

5. What is your most popular travel package and why?

Our 4 week Florence program is most popular with college students and our 2 or 3 week Bali program is most popular with school teachers and older adults.

6. What is the best compliment you received from a client?

Most of our colleges we work with have been repeat customers for many many years.

Reviews and Comments
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 1  Lelah / Danu enterprises Bali Tour:you get what you pay for
This review is not for M07209 it is for Danu's Bali Arts of Paradise tour, which M07209 referred me to. Hardly saw tour guide, lots of free time, went to only tourist attractions. All of which could have been done with any Balinese taxi driver who probably would have made it more interesting. Because of mix ups by the tour agency which they blamed on our hotel staff, tour members did not receive, pertinent information, hostilities arose and many of us were over charged. I felt this was as close to a scam ... view more as I have ever experienced on an overseas trip. The wording of tour description can be widely interpreted especially with a spin answer, but some things were over the top. Including writing in the description and emailing that we will be met at the airport, then the day before arrival instructing us to take a cab from the airport without even a price range recommendation or an explanation followed my a snarky email that the tour says we have to pay for airport transfers which was not even the issue. Uchhe enough most of us were ready to leave Bali by the first week with the tour giving such a bad flavor. Also we were all very experienced travelers to places far and wide.

 2  Mary-Frances Fox / Verified User Review
M7209 are contracted out to an established local small business, Danu Enterprises, so these comments do not apply to other M07209 tours. Led by an American/Balinese couple who have done this for 25 years, you learn an enormous amount about this beautiful, profound and M07209tic culture and society that you would never find out or get to see on your own. I felt a bit sorry for tourists walking around without such a depth of perspective and I recommend this tour very highly.

Five things to be aware of: ... view more
- All of your time day and evening is programmed at first and you may want to speak up and skip some activities just so you get some relaxation on your holiday!
- The studio art lessons available are basic, not as advanced as the M07209t programs brochure describes, so serious art students may be a bit disappointed.
- Art gallery tours - at times when they take you to meet various M07209ts and M07209ans it is a little awkward if you don't want to buy, and the enthusiastic tour leader tends not to come to your aid. But don't feel you must buy, you can always go back later.
- Shopping- the retailers and moneychangers they point you to are just the people they know and trust, but you'll discover these are not the only, cheapest or most up to date places in town.
- Their knowledge of Kuta area of South Bali, by the airport, is weak because the more exotic regions of Bali are their specialty.