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We operate "Adventure Sailing" vacations in the Greek Islands & Turkey from April-Oct; from Nov-Mar, our troplcal winter cruising grounds are Thailand and Malaysia (where scuba & kayaking are also part of the adventure!)

We are small & personal company who own their own yachts directly. We have been established in Greece since '91. Our owners are still directly involved "in the field", skippering yachts during the season. The yachts range from 49'-55' monohulls in Greece/Turkey, to a 55' catamaran in Thailand.

This is a "real" sailing adventure, where our guests participate actively in the whole experience - not a gulet or cruise ship environment! Sailing experience is not required, though it is very welcome. Our skippers offer informal sailing instruction to those who wish to learn.

Trips are targeted towards particular interests; eg, singles groups; romantic couples trips; customised itineraries for groups, etc.

As a small company, we're able to take the time to match clients' interests and do our best to ensure they are with compatible crewmates. We're not infallible at this, but our success rate is exceptionally high! (see reviews from past clients).

Reviews and Comments
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 1  Malgorzata Tomasik / Verified User Review
It was an extremely well prepared vacation since the very beginning. Before the trip I was thoroughly and promptly informed not only about its details but I also learned about its participants and managed to meet with them even on the way to the trip starting island.

I had a wonderful time there (again - very professional staff, charming and helpful owners of yachts, excellent atmosphere, people and even fantastic weather with strong winds good for sailing.

Thank you very much for helping ... view more me to decide and go on such a wonderful vacation!

 2  Brendon Jones / Verified User Review
The trip was fantastic and the other folks on the trip where great. They where a mixed bunch, as would be expect, some where keen on sailing, others where along for the ride. The skipper was awesome and very knowledgeable. Sailing could be the thing for me.

 3  George Lahtinen / Verified User Review
I rate Seascape a 10 from 10! It was excellent!

 4  John Johnston / Verified User Review
The whole staff were friendly, helpful and thorough in helping us plan the trip. While on board the skipper was professional, knowledgeable and provided a relaxing enjoyable
environment. The accommodations were very comfortable; the boat was well equipped, well maintained and safe. The cost was very reasonable. I would recommend SeaScape to anyone.

 5  Doug Rosen / Verified User Review
Ray and Diane were fabulous at making the cruise experience world class.
The charter boats and crews - Capt. And Chef - were equally wonderful!

 6  Mindy Paget / Verified User Review
Excellent and fun! Best vacation I've ever had. Thanks!

 7  John Kowlok / Verified User Review
Yes, I did participate in tour of the Greek Isles with SeaScape. With regards to promptness in answering my questions, Knowledge in their product and overall trip experience; I would unequivocally rate M07245 a 10 in all three categories. The information they provided for me proved to be 100% accurate. There were no hidden costs, and SeaScape was completely candid about the nature of their of their tours. I look back with great affection and fond memories of the entire experience.

 8  John Johnston / Verified User Review
Seascape is an outstanding organization.
The skipper was skilled, professional, friendly and accommodating, making
the experience enjoyable for all. The boat and all associated equipment was
reliable, safe and very comfortable. I would highly recommend this service
to anyone.

 9  Miriam Cody / Verified User Review
Their response to my request was instrumental in my choosing them - informative, fast, friendly and
accommodating. The trip was as they had described, only better. The crew were outstanding, though I also got the best of the three boats (with two crew which makes it easier). I had a terrific holiday and would definitely use Seascapes again and recommend to friends. In terms of what would have
made it better ... probably a bit more sailing, and a little bit more tuition about sailing. But overall, a ... view more great experience, a great team and great fun.

 10  Susan Chang / Verified User Review
It was a wonderful experience. I have never travelled abroad by myself before, so it was important that I felt comfortable with the group. They were great. I can honestly say it's one of the best trips I've taken.

 11  Irene Stephens / Verified User Review
We actually organised a tour with seascapes for Aug-Sept 04. We have recently just returned from sailing trip with Seascapes in Greece.

 12  Sibylle R. / Verified User Review
Propmtness in answering questions:
- they responded very promtly
Knowledge in their product:
- they were able to answer all of my questions and more
Overall trip experience:
- the trip was great in all ways!

 13  Andrea Boncompagni / Verified User Review
(no comment was provided)

 14  Steve Hample / Verified User Review
Very nice people owning and running this sailing business. I hope to sail with them again in the near future.

 15  Anne-Laura Cook / Verified User Review
Exceptional business. Wonderful people!! Will DEFINITELY GO AGAIN!!

 16  Tammi Tompkins / Verified User Review
Wonderful group, will definately travel with them again.

 17  George Entin / Verified User Review
Seascape-Sail is a very efficient, professional, and responsive tour
operator. Spent two weeks with them (from 7/13 to 7/26 sailing the Greek
Islands - wonderful experience. They did it right with excellent knowledge
and impressive expertise. They get an overall rating of "10" from me.

 18  Basha Hayes / Verified User Review
The weather kept the overall experience
from being a 10!

 19  Danielle Stallings / Verified User Review
I did travel with M07245 to Turkey/Greece and had a great time. I'm actually thinking of going on another trip with them!

 20  Janet Paxton / Verified User Review
We had a great time and found that most of what was promised happened. Perhaps we should have done a little more research on the activities available and been more proactive on the trip. This type of holiday is very much based on the personalities of the skipper and crew with the customers. They were not really used to children/adolescents. However, overall I would recommend it and we would all travel with the company again. They were very good and prompt at answering all my questions, mostly by e-mail. Their ... view more web site was great. I was a little concerned about booking everything over the internet and felt that your fraud guaruntee eased my mind a little! I would use and recommend both you and them to my friends.