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M07261 is an ideal choice for visitors wanting to experience true “Ecotourism”. Our trips are generally limited to a maximum of eight guests plus trips are rotated to ensure a minimum impact on the explored natural environments. We have developed our own “Code of Ethics for Environmentally Responsible Travel” plus “Seven Principles for Low-Impact Wilderness Recreation”. As you know, visitors travel from all points of the globe to experience the pristine wilderness and beauty of our natural environment and it is our mission to give them an unforgettable natural experience.


Our Explorations run from three to seven days that are suitable for beginners and experienced nature travelers. We camp along spectacular shores and enchanting forests, providing every detail from professional guides to equipment details. As always, our guests will enjoy unique and nutritious foods and can even take a few tips and recipes from our Eco-guides.

Half and Full Day Excursions

We will be providing half and full day excursions in the Muskoka/Lake of Bays region from May until October 1999. Excursions are also available in the Haliburton Highlands and Georgian Bay regions upon request. Activities include canoeing, sea kayaking, hiking and mountain biking.

Winter Programs

Starting January 1999, M07261 will be offering a variety of winter programs from half and full day experiences to a seven days. Activities offered include cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, winter camping, winter skills and a variety of choices for packaged trips. For our multi-activity packages guest can choose from a number of other activities such as ice fishing, dog sledding, alpine skiing, sleigh rides, tobogganing, and dog sledding. We are working with several dog sledding operators to offer guest the choice of rugged or leisure trips and excursions.

Custom Trips

M07261 offers custom trip packages for groups of friends, families, clubs, schools, etc. We also offer special programs to tour operators and can create itineraries to fit the needs and interest of their clients.


Discover the oldest provincial park in Ontario and one of the largest parks in Canada, 7725 sq. km (4800 sq. miles) to be exact. This magnificent park is located on the southern edge of the Canadian Shield between Georgian Bay and the Ottawa River. Today, Algonquin Park is considered one of the world’s most famous canoeing areas.

Just imagine... the glorious sunset silhouetting a solitary pine, the cry of the loon echoing from rocky lakeshores, a moose and calf grazing in a peaceful marsh, and a beaver forging a rippling wedge across a mirrored pond. Once darkness falls, the sky is blanketed with an incredible extravaganza of stars to wish upon... silence is only broken by the wild music of wolves over the hills. This is Algonquin Park.


Algonquin offers over 1500 km (930 miles) of canoe routes for canoe campers of all ages and levels of experience. This historical mode of transportation offers excellent opportunities to view wildlife in their natural habitat, from bear to beaver, moose to mink and wolf to white-tailed deer. Join us as we canoe and portage through this enchanted landscape.

3 Day Canoe Trips - Our three day ‘getaways’ are a great way to experience Algonquin’s wilderness. We paddle into the interior where we select and set up camp. The second day is spent exploring the area via canoe/foot, or just sit back and relax. A variety of trip locations are offered throughout the season.

5 Day Canoe Trips - These trips give us the opportunity to go deeper into the core of Algonquin. We will visit a number of lakes and rivers where a wide variety of birds, mammals, flora and fauna are waiting to be discovered. Many of these trips take place in the northwest corner of Algonquin Park.

3 and 5 Day Family Canoe Trips - These trips are an excellent way to introduce the wilderness to your children, filled with fun and excitement for all! A great trip to get the entire family involved. Trip routes are similar to our three and five day canoe trips, with daily travel distances shorter in length. Custom trips available for families of five or more.

3 Day ‘Women Only’ Kayak and Hiking Trips - Looking for an adventure and tripping experience in the company of only women? These trips are a great way for a small group of women to get out and experience the wilderness, whether its just a ‘getaway’ with a group of friends or a break from day-to-day responsibilities. M07261 provides the ideal setting to relax and enjoy.

4 Day Barron Canyon Canoeing and Hiking Trip - The Barron Canyon is one of the most spectacular parts of Algonquin Park with steep walls of hard, crystalline rock that tower far above the water. We will stand atop these 100 metre (110 yard) walls, find ourselves dwarfed by their size as we canoe through the canyon, visit waterfalls and hike trails with aspiring views.

Sea Kayaking

Opeongo Lake, the largest lake in Algonquin Park, is the destination for our sea kayaking excursions. These trips will introduce the novice to basic paddling and sea kayak tripping skills while allowing seasoned paddler’s the opportunity to define their skills. Our first day will take us north on Opeongo where we will make camp for the two nights. The second day will be spent paddling the rocky shoreline, visiting marshes, viewing wildlife or if you wish, just relaxing.

3 Day Sea Kayaking


Algonquin Park has three backpacking trails designed for extended hiking trips into Algonquin’s interior. M07261 offers trips on the Western Uplands and Highland backpacking trails, both of which have many hills, thus making these trips slightly more physically challenging. Our rate of travel for backpacking trips averages 8 to 14 km (5 to 9 miles) per day. If you prepare for these trips before you arrive, you shouldn’t have any problem. Each trip will reward you with Algonquin’s natural beauty the entire length passing along creeks, lakes, rivers, through forests, marshes and along cliff tops.

3 Day Highland Backpacking Trip

5 Day Western Uplands Backpacking Trip

French River

The French River is located approximately 320 km (200 miles) north of Toronto. Flowing westward out of Lake Nippissing, the French River (approximately 112 kilometers long) winds towards Georgian Bay through the most beautiful wilderness and waterway in Ontario. Typical of the Canadian Shield, the landscape is rugged and blanketed with thick forest. The river is a huge and diverse resource made up of interconnecting lakes and gorges, rapids and swifts.

This Canadian Heritage River makes up the French River Provincial Park hosting numerous Heritage Sites along its shores. This historic transportation route has remained relatively undisturbed throughout time. French Missionaries began to appear in the early 1600's followed by a wave of Europeans who swept across the continent eventually claiming it for their own. Everyone who went west by the traditional route, paddled the waters of the French River. The shoreline you see is the same as Champlain spotted in 1615.

The French River contains many areas of exceptional beauty. Its varied habitats host rare and endangered species of plants and animals. The river’s human history is especially significant as the first major transportation route between the east and the west.


4 Day Lower French - Central Ontario's French River is the symbolic dividing line between northern and southern Ontario. To wilderness canoeists, however, it's more than a line on a map, it's a line stretching back into our history. The lower half of the French River is very wide and consists of many channels. We will pass by the remains of French Village on our journey to Georgian Bay, which was developed by the Ontario Lumber Company in 1875. Once we reach the Bay, we will spend some time exploring the many islands before heading north on a different channel. A relaxing trip with plenty of history.

7 Day French River Voyage - In the days of the Voyageurs, the French; was an important water highway for trappers, hunters and for traders. Today, the entire shoreline with its imposing steep cliffs, large sheltering bays, unspoiled islands and a small Indian reservation, forms a protected provincial park. Let your imagination run wild as your paddle dips into the same waterway used by the great voyageurs. From its source, Lake Nippissing, the French River descends through a series of island-dotted lakes, each connected by thrilling rapids and picturesque falls. Once at the mouth of the French on Georgian Bay, we will rest before our one-day paddle back to civilization.

Georgian Bay

Georgian Bay offers a variety of scenery with classic vistas, such as sandy beaches, Canadian Shield country, and ancient forests. The wind-bent pine and barren rock are characteristic of the rugged 30,000 Islands along the Georgian Bay shoreline.

During your paddle, you will explore the coast of Georgian, hidden coves, as well as some of its remote outer islands. Basic sea kayaking skills will be covered to get you on your way.

Sea Kayaking

4 Day Mink and McCoy Islands - These are the last protected group of islands as one looks west out into Georgian Bay just northwest of Parry Sound. These islands were the ancient summer home and fishing grounds for the Algonquians, the first people of the Bay. The shore of Franklin Island and the outer islands is a great introduction to sea kayak touring with magnificent island scenery, glistening waters and lots of time to relax and enjoy it all.

Length: 45 km (28 miles)

5 Day Byng Inlet to Snug Harbour - This trip is designed for those looking for a slightly more challenging paddle. Once we venture into Georgian Bay, we head south through the cedar-clad islands towards Head Island. Our journey continues along the open coast to the Mink and McCoy Islands and then back to Snug Harbour.

Length: 65 km (40 miles)


Killarney’s ivory hills and incredibly clear water provide a spectacular backdrop for canoeing and hiking. Alpine lakes of royal blue and turquoise, outcroppings of white quartzite and red granite are all part of a once mighty mountain range which began 3.5 million years ago.

The ancient millennium old mountains of Killarney offer some of the best backpacking and off-trail ridge hiking in Ontario. Discover secluded mountain lakes and steep sided “fiords” where the ridges dip deep into Georgian Bay. Enjoy scenic panoramas atop the La Cloche Mountains that rival any on the shield. Discover why Killarney is referred to as “Ontario’s Crown Jewel”.

Canoeing and Hiking

7 Day Canoeing and Day Hiking Trip - A casual pace is set helping us to appreciate the natural wonders of this rugged but fragile landscape. By foot and by paddle we will discover the best of Killarney and the beauty that drew famous artists, the “Group of Seven”, here many years ago. We will hike up Silver Peak for a panoramic view that rivals any east of the Rockies. Excellent swimming, photography and wildlife viewing opportunities abound, making this a very memorable experience.


Temagami’s 10,000 square kilometers (6,200 sq. miles) of canoe country offer a wide variety of river and lake routes lying in the watersheds of the Montreal, Sturgeon and Ottawa Rivers. One of the largest lakes in the region is Lake Temagami, whose name in the Ojibway language means “deep water by the shore”. Its clear waters, abundance of islands, sprinkled with a few remaining old growth pine forests with trees over 300 years old make this a must for any nature enthusiast.


Temagami’s outstanding canoe routes follow those established over thousands of years by the region’s native people. This trip takes you through a number of smaller lakes that host a wide variety of fascinating wilderness with a cultural history that is equally captivating as it is natural. There will be time to explore, hike and photograph this unique region.

7 Day Canoe Into Temagami

Sea Kayaking

Lake Temagami and Lady Evelyn provide clear, clean waters for this shoreline exploration. A number of scenic lookouts provide views over this magnificent area that host ancient rock paintings and huge white pines. Unlike canoeing, you will not be required to portage your kayak any great distance.

7 Day Shoreline Exploration

Special and Custom Trips

Design your own adventure. M07261 offers custom trip packages for groups of friends, families, clubs, schools, etc. Choose from one of our trips listed or design your own adventure. You choose the activity or activities, destination, length, group size, etc. M07261 is prepared to create a trip that fits your needs to ensure fun for everyone and easy for you. Prices arranged on a per trip basis depending on numbers, activity and location. Give us a call today!

Trip Options

Options to o our trips include accommodation prior to and/or following your trip at a local Bed and Breakfast, transportation for groups, additional Activities/trips, etc.

Trip and Excursion Adventure Ideas

Canoeing Sea Kayaking Hiking

Snowshoeing Winter Camping Cross-Country Skiing

Half and Full Day Excursions

M07261 offers a variety of half and full day excursions in the Muskoka region. Excursions in Parry Sound and Haliburton Highlands regions are available upon request. Choose from our wide range of activities.

Guides and Safety

M07261 has several distinct purposes in all their trips and programs with safety being the utmost important.

· Our guides are fully trained and skilled men and women who share their interest in the wilderness while maintaining responsibility and caution.

· All trippers must be satisfactory health and fitness for the kind of trip they are participating in.

· Any physical or medical problems that may require attention during the trip should be discussed fully at the time of application.

· To ensure the safety of all participants on any trip, M07261 reserves the right to change itineraries if forced to by extreme weather, illness, safety, etc.

Each experience allows everyone the chance to get involved with all aspects of travelling and living in the out of doors. Your guide will provide as much leadership as your group desires, and is willing to share their knowledge and skills to help your group enjoy the experience to the maximum. Each guide has a unique and interesting way of guaranteeing that you have a safe and enjoyable experience!



Life in winter goes on in northern Ontario, full of special opportunities and unique challenges. Winter can be the favorite season, the bug-free season, the time when frozen lakes, rivers, and snow-filled forests make perfect highways for easy travel. It is a time when the land seems strangely empty and silent. Join M07261 on one of our unforgettable winter adventures as we travel through a winter wonderland of freshly fallen snow, frozen lakes and pine forest that is truly remarkable in beauty.

Winter Camping/Snowshoeing

Winter camping has its own special allure: the splendid quiet of a winter forest, the graceful hush of falling snow, and the companionship of friends inside a cozy shelter. A variety of trips and programs are available to fit your schedule and needs.

Discover Winter Camping - 2 Days

These trips take place on a private plot of land, where a short snowshoe will take us to our base camp. A warm fire will be waiting with hot drinks for your arrival. Your stay will be spent exploring this peaceful area by snowshoe or foot, building a snow hut, tracking wildlife, photography or snuggling up to a warm fire. These trips make excellent Family 'getaways'.

Winter Camping and Skills - 3 Days

Same as our "Discover Winter Camping", but with more focus on learning some basic winter camping skills; you may even wish to sleep in your snow hut overnight. Take this opportunity to slow down, enjoy life again and feel the deep satisfaction of a snug shelter or a warm fire.

Note: Contact us for special programs that focus on winter survival, emergency shelters, equipment, nutrition, clothing, etc.

4 Day Barron Canyon Trip - The Barron Canyon is a particularly special place in winter. Brigham Chute, a spectacular waterfall, is encased in a huge ice dome, its skirt of falling water only visible at the bottom. You will be dwarfed by 100 metre cliff faces carved from the rugged Precambrian shield. View the canyon’s stark beauty at lookout points atop the cliffs. Join us in this winter wonderland. (Snowshoeing)

Cross-country (Nordic) Skiing

Learn to cross-country ski or plan an expedition. M07261 qualified instructors can show you how and will arrange a fun filled skiing adventure into Algonquin, Haliburton Highlands or a place of your choice. Sleep in winter tents, lodges or travel from one Bed and Breakfast to another, the choice is yours! Contact us for further details.

Dog Sledding

M07261 works with a number of dog sledding operators to offer you a variety of trip experiences ranging from rustic to rugged. Choose from one of the many trips available to enjoy this "once in a lifetime opportunity".

Introduction to Dog Sledding - 1 Day

Your day begins with an introduction to dog sledding followed by a trip through a snow-laden forest. To curve your appetite, a trail lunch is served before the trip back to home base. Great for friends and family alike!

Expedition Dog Sledding - 3 to 7 Days

A dog sled expedition is a complete winter program that gives you the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to enjoy the Canadian winter. From the beginning of the program, you are required to assume responsibility for your dog team - to feed, harness, water and ensure they are properly bedded at night. On the trail, you take into consideration the well being of your team and be alert to the needs of your fellow traveller. Each evening will be spent in heated canvas tents.

Extended Dog Sled Expeditions

James Bay - 7 to 15 days

Manitoba - 9 to 21 days

Labrador - 5 to 14 days

Full Winter Programs

M07261 has put together some exhilarating winter programs that will allow you to experience a traditional Canadian winter. Programs are offered as either "leisure" or "rugged".

"Rugged" Multi-Adventure Exploration

You will be introduced to the skills required to enjoy the great out of doors in the heart of winter and how to deal with whatever "mother nature" decides to put your way. During this seven-day program, you will have a chance to try numerous winter activities and will sleep in a variety of shelters. Programs include all equipment, permits, food (except for any special snacks you like), wilderness guide and accommodations.

"Leisure" Multi-Adventure Exploration

Enjoy the beauty and diversity of winter while returning to the comforts of a local Bed and Breakfast. Choose from a wide range of activities to custom design your adventures for as many days as you choose. Activities to choose from include: Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, winter camping excursion, ice fishing, hiking, alpine skiing, sleigh ride and tobogganing. Call us today!

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