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Base of operations: USA
Our company provides individuals, couples and families the opportunity to swim with wild dolphins and whales in their natural environment.

Through our custom family trips and our small group open trips, we offer you the opportunity to have up-close and personal encounters with the wild dolphins in Hawaii and in the Bahamas. Our clients say that these are life-changing adventures.

On our trips we engage the dolphins in a safe, respectful way in an environment of fun and safety.
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Questions and Answers
We lead fun, playful, life-changing retreats swimming with wild dolphins in Hawaii and the Bahamas for individuals, couples and families.

1. How long has the business been operating and how did it start?

M07742 has been bringing groups of people into Nature since 1990. It started out of Joe's love of sharing the adventure and joy of nature with others. To reflect the growing focus of our dolphin trips, we recently changed the name from M07742 to M07742.

2. What is your company's mission?

We believe Nature to be a powerful and fun source of spiritual inspiration and renewal, and we provide people with a very fun, direct and life-affirming encounter with Nature in a safe and supportive setting.

3. What does your company specialize in?

Our specialty is creating a fun, safe environment for people to experience their own deep connection with the Natural world.

4. Who is the founder or owner of the company and briefly describe his/her past activities?

Joe Noonan is the owner and founder. An author, life coach and wilderness guide, Joe has been bringing people into deeper connection with the natural world since 1982. He was a wilderness guide for several Outward Bound schools in the 1980’s and led wilderness Leadership and Teambuilding retreats for many corporate executives.

5. What is your most popular travel package and why?

Our most popular trip is our five day 'Swimming with Wild Dolphins' retreats. People love this trip for its waterfront location on the pristine beach, the relaxing natural setting that makes it so easy to unwind, the beautiful warm ocean to swim in and of course the opportunity to swim with the playful wild dolphins.

6. What is the best compliment you received from a client?

One client, after overcoming his fear of the water and learning how to swim at sixty plus years of age, spontaneously quit smoking. One wife said "I haven't seen that smile on my husband's face in 20 years!" as he was getting out of the water after snorkeling. Clients coming back to join us on our trips is another form of compliment. Perhaps the best compliment is a mother's trust, handing her 6 month old baby to me to bring into the water to swim with the dolphins... It is a joy to share the beauty and inspiration of Nature with others, and I'm honored to share that joy with you!

Vacation Packages offered by supplier M07742
Swimming with Dolphins, Bahamas
Imagine swimming and playing with pods of wild dolphins that treat you with joy, gentleness and affection. Our trips give you an experience you'll remember the rest of your life!

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USD 1995 / Per person
Tour Package
Swimming with Dolphins
Duration: 4 - 7 days
Season: January - December

Hawaii Dolphins Camping Retreat and Custom Trips
Camping on a sandy beach, with the clear blue ocean at our feet, palms swaying overhead, and swimming with the wild dolphins (not captive dolphins) that play in the bays we visit!

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USD 1495 / Per person
Tour Package
Swimming with Dolphins
Duration: 5 - 9 days
Season: January - December

Family Dolphin Trip in Bahamas
These are custom Family Trips, 4 to 9 days in length, for families with children of all ages. Waterfront cottages, masterful guide. Our trips are amazing, and we have the referrals to prove it!

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USD 1995 / Per person
Tour Package
Swimming with Wild Dolphins
Duration: 3 - 9 days
Season: January - December

Reviews and Comments
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 1  Cynthia Greer / Joe Noonan, Dolphin Whisperer, Swimming with the Dolphins
Our five day trip to swim with the wild dolphins led by Joe Noonan was far beyond my best imaginings. We snorkeled for hours with dozens of spotted dolphins and bottlenose dolphins who swam within feet of us, looked us in the eyes and even let one of their babies come next to us. Four months later, I'm still feeling their love and my own transformation from this beautiful, powerful and inspiring encounter. Dolphins swim so fast, they could have left us before we entered the water.

Instead they ... view more chose to stay and play with us. What a gift! When we weren't communing with dolphins, we enjoyed a shell-covered white sand beach, snorkeled over the Bimini road, presumably a road from Atlantis, dove for conk shells among the colorful fish around coral reefs and watched Joe spear our lobster dinner which we enjoyed that night in the beautiful house we stayed in within feet of the sea. I'm so grateful to have found Joe; he is truly a dolphin whisperer and has vast knowledge and deep wisdom about the dolphins and the sea. With so much experience with and love for the dolphins and for people, and bringing these two species together, Joe is a magnificent guide.

He gave us personal instruction in how to be comfortable in the water and with the dolphins, and made us all feel safe and at home. He organized and guided fun activities on land and in the sea. He inspires a joyful heart-connection with the dolphins, the beautiful island of Bimini, the turquoise ocean and the other people on our trip. My daughter joined me for this trip, it was a most memorable family holiday. Both she and I highly recommend Joe and his trips, and I for one will always remember the joy and excitement of swimming alongside those gentle dolphins, wild and free.

 2  Joanne Peters / Christmas 2010 Family Dolphin Trip in the Bahamas
"I came to Bimini to spend it with Joe Noonan and the amazing dolphins with my three kids, ages 17, 14 and 11. This was an unbelievable experience for me and my family."

 3  Harrison Klein / Bimini Wild Dolphin Trip
Wow, it took a human of Joe’s caliber to introduce me to one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I had known Joe for some time before but when I landed in Bimini with Joe I felt the presence of a different magic...and though I wasn’t a great swimmer and had very little ocean experience, Joe gently eased and pampered me into the love of water and snorkeling. I got a lot of personalized attention and instruction and when we and our group boarded the dolphin boat, it didn’t take long till the ... view more dolphins found us.

Suddenly all of us seemed transported into this incredible vibration of unrestricted joy. All of us were children again. When we jumped into the sea, they surrounded us and swam through and between us with the greatest communication of direct visceral love I have ever felt. Joe is (metaphorically) part fish, a sensational swimmer, a great protector in the ocean. Immediately his vigilance and articulate leadership made all of us feel safe and in good hands. Because we could trust him totally it allowed us to concentrate on the great time we were having with the dolphins, WHAT A RUSH IT WAS! And not only did we trust him but even greater was the knowledge and feeling that the wild dolphins trusted him, so we experienced these wild ocean beings as not just as human friendly but truly as friends.

Joe’s relationship with this species and especially the Bimini pods is a thing of wonder and beauty. Moreover on land he created an atmosphere of beauty, wonder, simultaneous learning, discovery and FUN! Joe is a great and gifted leader and has truly been appropriately named the great "Dolphin Whisperer". Thank you Joe, you gave me and our group the WOW experience of a lifetime.
Harrison Klein (An International Transformational Speaker, Harrison is the owner of "The Masters Gathering", "Women, Power and Purpose" and "True Millionaire Stories")

 4  Nicloe Salzmann and family / Family Wild Dolphin Trip
Dear Joe!
Thank you for our wonderful trip in Bimini, we met Paradise! You really live what you say! It’s authentic, simple, joyful and you do it in such a loving way. We talk much about our meetings with all this beautiful creatures under and upon water: fishes, lobsters, dolphins, stingrays, nurse-sharks, eagle-rays, dogs :) and loving people. And also of the wonderful nature under water, like being in a huge aquarium and upon water with the chilling on honeymoon harbor or at coconut cove, the enjoying ... view more sunsets on boat or on land and the amazing beach in south Bimini. I do like the way you talk with nature, the animals and also with us 'humans', so full of appreciation, with an open and understanding heart and a great sense of humor.

The way you taught Luca how to spear fish, with respect and gracefulness for nature, is the one I accept. Thanks for all the time you shared with him, if it’s the fishing or the diving through the whole or the feeding sharks or the cooking or the coconut hunting or the kayaking and even to use him as a 'lure' for the dolphins (he enjoyed it so much!). He had a wonderful time and he repeats saying: 'Nobody will believe what we've experienced!

Thanks also for your hugs to all of us and for the positive and admiring feedback you gave to us as a family! It remembers us of our qualities and resources we have and makes it easier to understand each other in 'not so paradise feeling times like in Bimini. Dearest Joe, we wish you all the best and thank you for the chance you gave us, to make all this amazing experiences. Thanks from my heart.

 5  Angela Galland / Verified User Review
I'm definitely going back to Bimini one day to swim with the dolphins!

 6  Corey McLaughlin / Verified User Review
The organizer and guide for the trip was great. I found him to be friendly, responsible and knowledgable. He did a terrific job of accomodating everybodies needs and showed such great enthusiasm.

My only issue with the trip as a whole had to do with the water temperature, which if I went again I would definitely bring a 1/2 or entire wetsuit. But what are you going to do, February is an iffy month.