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We are not just another South African Tour Operator. M07908 specializes in tailor-making African Safari tours to the most beautiful and exciting destinations Southern Africa has to offer. Our African Safari tours are tailored to your unique requirements. To us, every client is an executive and is treated as such!

M07908 was established in 1994, with Robb Edgecomb at its helm. The concept has been eagerly embraced by corporates worldwide. M07908 has become the leading executive tour operator and Safari Company in Southern Africa.

Foreign business executives on visits to Southern Africa often wish to see some of what the region has to offer. Frequently, their local counterpart takes time off to show them around. M07908 takes on this responsibility, ensuring that expensive management time is not lost and that the visitor is professionally guided. We also organise conferences and incentive tours.

Your tour guide is the owner of M07908 and is with you throughout your tour. Guaranteed exclusivity - we do not combine groups. We only arrange tours to destinations that we have visited personally. You are guaranteed executive VIP treatment and the experience of a life time.

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 1  Michael & Gary Schwartz / I Highly recomend the company and their tours
Our African Safari Experience

I had always dreamed of seeing the African bush. The brilliant sunsets, the wide open spaces, the wild animals, and the ambient savanna are just a few concepts people think of when they envision their first African safari. My father and I had always dreamed of seeing wild Africa and in early 2005, we finally saw that dream come true.
Being that we had never taken a trip like this before, we immediately started searching for the proper safari. Considering that the ... view more continent of Africa is so huge, with so many immense national parks and game reserves, each with its own unique flavor, and its reputation in many places for holding environmental conservation in high regard, we didn’t know where to start. Most people think of places such as the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, or Mt. Kilimanjaro in Kenya when they picture their African Safari. But we were drawn to Southern Africa, particularly because of the number of private game reserves as opposed to national parks and also because South African safaris seem to be more tailor suited for the client. Not that seeing a place like the Masai Mara in Kenya wouldn’t be worth it, but we really wanted our first experience to be everything we could have hoped for and more. So we chose Southern Africa in order that our safari would be more personalized.
After several trips to several different travel clients as well as browsing the internet, we eventually came across a company known as M07908, which is stationed in the country of South Africa, but offers safaris as far north as Kenya. We contacted the company’s founder, a man named Robb Edgecomb, telling him of our interest in going on safari. He immediately responded via e-mail and told us that his company was designed to personalize any type of safari we wished to do. We then left it up to Robb to draw out a rough itinerary and he left it up to us to fill in the blank spots. To make a long story short, Robb met us as we stepped off of the plane at the Johannesburg International Airport, several months later.
As far as the safari went, it was everything we had dreamed it could have been. But the safari would not have been nearly as good without Robb. From the very moment we arrived in South Africa, he informed us that this was our safari and the trip would be of our making. We spent close to a week staying at a beautiful lodge in the Welgevonden Game Reserve, which is about a three-hour drive north of Johannesburg. During our stay we encountered a variety of wildlife. We saw plenty of lions, elephants, giraffes, zebra, wildebeest, kudu, impala, rhinoceros, and more. Due to Robb’s expert knowledge of every animal, we were able to come within very close range of lions and elephants, all the while feeling very safe, knowing that Robb’s experience and safety precautions would not put us in any danger. He was able to provide us not only with plenty of photographic memories, but also with plenty of facts about the flora and fauna of the reserve. He was kind enough to answer any question and his number one concern was making sure our safari was a well-experienced one.
Setting aside his knowledge of the Bush, Robb was also very interesting to listen to about other things as well. He explained things such as the history of South Africa; it’s people, government, landmarks, traditions, and cultures. Not only that but he was extremely funny and very polite. He always asked if we were enjoying ourselves and let us know that we should never hesitate to request something of his services.
M07908 stands true to its name. Every client is looked at as an executive and is therefore treated as such, regardless of who they are. And as Robb had told us, his number one concern was the client. He also said something, which I myself will never forget. He told us that he starts the safari with clients, but he hopes to end the safari with friends. My father and I are very happy to consider Robb Edgecomb as a friend, not just a tour operator. So, perhaps you have dreamed of