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Incorporated in 1987, our goal is to protect and preserve wilderness areas, to educate our guests about environmentally sound camping techniques, educate the public about the ecology of nature, to provide quality guided wilderness trips. M07994 is planned as a unique facilitator of travel, enjoyment, appreciation and experience of wilderness. The name reflects the goal of immersing ourselves and our clients in the spirit of nature.

M07994 conducts trips within the Tongass National Forest by special use permits. Spirit Walker has been doing trips throughout the Tongass for many years. As a matter of fact, you may see some of the trips we originated now offered by other companies in these areas. Spirit Walker also offers "new" trips that have been thoroughly researched by our guides to offer maximum wildlife and scenery viewing opportunities in addition to spreading our use out over greater areas to help minimize impact upon the fragile ecosystem. But in the end, we feel it is our guides and the equipment we offer that makes the difference between our trips and our competitor's.
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