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We offer 1-5 Day Flyfishing trips for Steelhead and Wild Trout on the Deschutes and Sandy River in Oregon. We take pride in sharing our flyfishing knowledge and skills with you. From teaching basic fly casting and techniques to advanced angling concepts, our goal is to increase your awareness of this great sport and provide you with a relaxing and pleasurable experience you won't soon forget.

Not only do you fish the Sandy River and Deschutes River, some of the best rivers for wild trout and steelhead, but you also enjoy some of the most scenic canyons and valleys Oregon has to offer. Each trip is individually tailored to suite your special needs and flyfishing skill levels. This ensures maximum enjoyment for your party. Don't forget to bring your camera or video as you'll want to remember your flyfishing trip for years to come.

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 1  Jim Zondanos / Verified User Review
Brian Silvey was fantastic. The only thing that was against me on this trip was the weather over the previous few weeks - totally out of the hands of Brian!