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Throughout the Americas! We are a member of The International Ecotourism Society and Sustainable Travel International. Our services meet all BBBOnLine Reliability participation and Better Business Bureau membership standards. We are also a member of the Quebec (Canada) Better Business Bureau.

M08501 was founded in 1996, the company started out in the fabulous territories of the Mesoamerica and Costa Rica. Central America was at that time already well known to the manager who had explored and studied its various countries during his preparatory trips. The initial objective of the founders was, and remains to date, the promotion and development of a more ethical and "eco" tourism focusing on the discovery and recognition of the natural environments and cultures of the continent: a true natural encounter with the Americas!

A keen desire to position on solid basis an international organization able to meet this mandate through the entire American territories motivated the founders so, that soon, after a few years of modest activities, their work brought several of the best naturalist guides and specialist guides in Latin American cultures to join their polyglot multidisciplinary team. The reputation of the small company developed as its operations brought it to the four corners of the continent.

Today a perfectly polished team is in charge of the operations and development of the ecotourism agency Amerik Aventure. Henceforth, in parallel of its eco tours but within their frame and in accordance with its initial mission, a broader creative process further directs the agency towards the development of documentary tours, pushing a step further the impact of the company on the industry.

The ultimate goal of these specialized tours is the promotion and development of a more ethical tourism. These unique projects aim to increase the recognition of the cultures and natural environment of the Americas as well as the visibility of ecotourism in the market as a new means of traveling while helping to protect these local cultures and nature.

Our team of polyglot, multidisciplinary and multi ethnic guides (Canadians, Germans, French, Belgians, Costa Ricans, Ecuadorians and Peruvians) works today in association with travel agencies, schools and universities, tv and film productions crews, independent groups of travelers and scientific study groups from many different countries around the world to explore, study and discover our great continent. We're happy to offer our services in French, English, German and Spanish.

We offer a high quality service at outstanding prices because we do all the work ourselves: our projects managers develop your travel project, our guides lead your tour and it's on board our own vehicles or with our close partner's that you travel.

Our main principals are:
- The security of our clients stands before anything else.
- The provided services must be in accordance with the proposed program.
- Our guides must provide the highest quality of service to their group (helpful, punctual, informative).
- The proposed program should respect the budget of the client.
- Travelers must be able to join us and be assisted by us - at all times and no cost - before and during a tour.
- Promotion of highly respectful tourism to the local environment and the communities (minimal impact tourism).
- Money from tourism should, as much as possible, remain in the local economy.

From the time of your arrival and until the moment of your departure, our professional tour leader accompanies you. He's responsible for the perfect ongoing of all the stages of your trip. A complete file, providing all the necessary information on the travel project, is sent to you long before your departure.
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 1  Bert Hensel / Verified User Review
Yes, I received replies in a very timely manner from all of the agencies I contacted. After asking them for more detailed information about constructing our own itinery with both a driver and birding guide provided, we decided to go with Amerik Aventures. Our contact person was Mark, and he could not have been more helpful. He answered all our questions very quickly, set up the tour according to all our requests and made helpful suggestions which made things go even more smoothly.

Our birding guide was ... view more excelent! We could not have asked for someone more knowledgeable, more personable, or more fluent in English. We were also very happy with our driver.

Anyone in our group would not hesitate to use Amerik Aventure to help plan another trip.